Tuesday, May 3, 2011

He’s Making a Difference

My brother Scott works for King Soopers.  He has for just over 36 years now.And for nearly all of that 36 years he has been at the same store.  On Easter when we were altogether, sometime during the meal, Scott says, ”So I guess you all never look at your King Soopers ad.”  Honestly, I have hardly looked at any of the grocery ads in several weeks.  I haven't been doing very good shopping lately…just using the go and grab method!  I am pretty good at looking at my Michael’s and Joann’s ads though!  Well, of course we want to know if he was in it!   And he was!  Right there with the avocados on sale!

I happen to know that Scott really does make a difference.  I’ve been in his store when he is at work.  He is friendly and helpful.  When he is working on the U-Scan, he pulls all the bags open so they are ready to use.  I have not seen that at the store where I shop.  He knows his customers…he will introduce you…by name.  Usually he knows something that is going on in their life and is asking about it.  A lot of them are seniors and they really love him.  That King Soopers apron he wears has a big pocket in it.  He has a pad of paper in his pocket and as many of his customers come through with their groceries, they’ll ask him to pray about something.  So he pulls out his prayer list and write it down.  I would love to have grocery checker like that when I go to the store, wouldn’t you?  Keep it up Scott!


Leah said...

That is so amazing! Good for him!

Becky said...

That's awesome! :)


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