Wednesday, October 15, 2014

August Anniversaries

In August we celebrated the anniversary of several things in our lives. I’ll start with the “youngest” and move upward.  We marked, rather than celebrated the first Birthday of Sadie!  I know there are a lot of dog lovers out there and I would not describe myself that way, but Sadie would never believe that!  She is pretty spoiled!  And I did actually think about throwing a party for all the doggy lovers in our community, I just had a time crunch!  We really enjoy having Sadie…except for her barking!  We’re working on that though.  She has a fun personality and never ending limit of play!  She has been welcomed by the residents of Polo Club North…we’re pretty sure they like her better than us!  She has been given countless toys and stuffed animals, one woman ordered her a leather collar with a brass plate that has her name engraved on it, people drop by the office and ask to take her on a walk and whenever we go outside, she heads for the guard house for a treat!  She definitely has it made! 

Sadie's first snow

Bringing Sadie home

Sadie and her hedge hog

Sadie and Wally

August 13 was our third anniversary of coming to work here at Polo Club North.  I cannot believe it has been three years!  I still remember the exact moment that Wally phoned me to tell me we had been given the job.  We had already been through the application process and another couple was chosen.  And I was so relieved!!  A week later us girls were at our annual Tea outing and we were taking the photo below when the phone in my pocket rang.  Wally asked if I were sitting down, because the other couple backed out and we were being offered the job.  I responded with “I’ll have to call you back in a minute, I need to smile for this picture!”  That is a true story!


It has taken me every bit of the past three years to settle into our new lifestyle.  There have been so many changes and so many difficulties and so many evidences of God’s grace.  It is those evidences of God’s grace that actually confirms for me that this is exactly where we are supposed to be.  When I walk down the stairs in the morning and enter the office, I no longer have the feeling that I am entering the Twilight Zone, so that’s progress!  But Wally and I do keep saying that we need to start writing a book because many of our experiences seem like they are an episode from the “Twilight Zone!”

Over Labor Day, Wally and I went to Oklahoma to visit his Mom.  It was a nice visit…despite the humidity.  We did nothing really but chat, a little shopping, and I think we got Grams hooked on Downton Abbey.  We went to church together, which we had not done in a long time.  On the way to church, we went to the graveyard to visit Pop’s grave.  August 25 was the fourth anniversary of his passing from this life to his eternal home.


August 14 Wally and I celebrated thirty-three years of marriage.  I cannot even believe that it has been thirty three years!  I mean, that makes me seem like, so old!!  On the inside, I still feel like the young thing that said “I do” to a motorcycle ride about thirty-four-ish years ago.  I always consider that our first date.  Wally and I had been exchanging letters for a couple of months.  The high light of the week was when the phone rang late at night, (you know, when the long distance rates dropped.) and Wally was on the other end.  Then one day he just drives up on his motorcycle and surprises me!   He had gone home to Indiana and was riding his bike out to California where he was stationed with the Air Force. 

Wally & Sherry Wedding Pics

We rode up to Estes Park and over Trail Ridge Road.  We got to the visitor’s center at the top, and that was as far as we could go because there was a wall of snow that needed to be cleared from the road.  So we had our picture taken and rode on home. 

anniv pics0007

This past spring Wally wanted to take that same ride again…a “then and now”experience.  I kind of think of it as “we were so skinny then and we are getting old now!”  But then I guess that was the idea, to grow old together!

Trail Ridge Road May 2014

Recently I saw this little quote and jotted it down…”Love isn’t found, it is built.”  I think I can agree with that.  Because long after the thrill of a long distance romance has worn off, what would I have?  But building something together, that lasts as long as we last! 

Happy Anniversary to Us!


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