Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Catching Up

Ok.  I really do want to blog. It has been awhile. One of the biggest reasons i want to do this is to share pictures of our family and to try to keep you up to date on us. But the thing that bogs me down the most is posting those pictures. I don't know why I get so technically in a bind but I do. So here is a catch up of our holidays with our family doings!

IMG_0085 This is my great-niece Kinsley.  She peeled almost all the apples I needed for two apple pies!!  What a great little worker!


Here is our table all set awaiting the feast!


The appetizers.  Decorations created by Kinsley and Selah


Marty and Patti cutting up the turkey.


Wesley, me, Mom and Nathan cutting up for the camera!


The full table.  There were 19 of us.  So special to have Marty and Patti and Cassi and Shaun from NC to be with us. And Jo from WI.


These are the Paul cousins- minus Brian and his family, Nic and his family, Andrea and her family and Ayaka in Malaysia!


Marty, Sherry, Scott, Robin, JoEllen and Mom and Dad.  Only Nathan is missing.


Our godly heritage.  We are so very blessed.


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