Thursday, April 28, 2011


I think I read or heard this somewhere years ago; that after Jesus’ ascension, when believers would meet each other in the marketplace, one would say, “He is risen,” while drawing in the sand half of the fish.  The one being greeted would finish drawing the fish and reply, “He is risen indeed!”  I don’t know if that is true, but on Easter Sunday, I always greet the kids in Sunday School with ‘He is Risen” and teach them to reply back, “He is Risen Indeed!”  Love hearing their little voices sound it out so loud and clear!  I like to greet my kids and my family the same way or vice versa!  It’s kind of fun.  Now I know our celebration of the Resurrection is over, but really, we should never be over it!  All of that to say, we had a wonderful Easter Celebration and I have a few pics to share with you…I’m not yet over it!

Here’s my sweet girls in my Sunday School Class in their pretty spring dresses!

Here’s their little Basket of treats I made for them

Our traditional Easter picture taken at church.  Usually everyone groans at me for taking it but this year Wally said, “don’t forget the camera.”  He also told me,”This will be our last picture with Wesley.”  But I reminded him that we said that the past two years!  I’m also thinking it might have been awhile since the trees were leafed out at Easter. 

After church services concluded, our family gathered for dinner at our house this year. Nothing too traditional about our meal, we had Italian Beef, chips and dip, layered salad, fruit salad, Jell-O salad---I think I’m missing something.  It was all tasty and so easy.  Followed by cream cheese pie, coconut cream pie and cherry!  Left us lots of time to chat and laugh!

              Here’s my Mom and Dad with only three of the grandkids present this year,         Wesley, Nathan and Aaron

                                My sister Robin with Mom, Dad, her boys and Terry

There were other pics taken but in each one, there was at least one person looking none too good! (Maybe I’ll have to snag some from you Robin!)  Guess I’ll see you back here for more family stuff in just a couple weeks…for Mother’s Day!

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