Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Meet My Family


These are my siblings-from along time ago!! 

Robin, Marty, Scott, JoEllen, Sherry (me) and Nathan

This spring and summer Wally and I were able to visit with my different siblings.  In May we went to NC for our son’s graduation from Ambassador Baptist college.  On that trip we  visited Marty and his family at whisper Mountain Christian Camp in Robbinsville,  NC.  Marty and Patti and their daughter Cassi and her family live there.  It was a blessing to get to see the camp and ministry God has given them.Whisper Mountain  Here’s Dad, Marty, Scott, Mom and Sherry (me)

And below is Marty and PattiWhisper Mountain 

Whisper Mountain 

This  is Shaun and below is Cassi in her new veggie garden, planting in progress!

Whisper Mountain

From Whisper Mountain, we went to Kenny’s graduation from Ambassador Baptist College in Lattimore, NC.  Wesley also received his one year Bible certificate.

  Kennys graduation

Here is proud Mom and Dad with their boys, Kenny and Wesley and all the fam, Ben and Andrea included!

Kennys graduation


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