Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Cards

Is it okay to be thankful for card making and scrapbooking?  I think I am!!  Here are some cards I made for Thanksgiving. 

Mom had asked me to make place cards for the table.  These are kind of cute don’t you think? 

Inside we write a scripture verse or passage about Thanksgiving.  After dinner we pass the Bible around the table and each person reads their scripture. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

A Blessed Thanksgiving

Last Thursday my soon to be daughter in law posted a “Thankful Thursday “  on her blog,  Life in the Big City.  I told her I loved the idea and was going to borrow it for my blog, anticipating that the first one would fall on Thanksgiving Day.  So, welcome to Thankful Thursday!  (I sure hope I don’t forget next week)

I asked Wally what he was thankful for last night as we drove to our annual Praise and Pie service at our church.  You can guess what topped his list:

***My granddaughter and my future grandson—grand parenting is a wonderful blessing.  No pressure Ben and Andrea!

***All that God has blessed us with,  our kids, health, finances (we’re debt free!!!  That was a shout out to Dave Ramsey!) a job, each other…

***I would add that this year I am very thankful for God’s hand of protection.  On Monday, a tornado hit Union Grove, WI and the Christian home for mentally disabled, Shepherd’s where my sister Jo lives.  There is much damage but all residents and staff are fine and buildings are still standing.  My Mom talked with one of the staff on Tuesday and she said the last time she saw JoEllen, she was in a group of girls who were singing!  There is a lot of lessons on trust in those words!

I also feel like my “gratitude attitude” is a bit overshadowed.  There have been a few “issues” hanging over my heart in the past few weeks.  But I am reminded that we are to give thanks in all things, and so I am trying to change those issues into prayers and trust each time they overwhelm me!  That makes me very thankful for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and for His Word, the source of all that I need!

Wally and I are home this year, and without any of our children.  Ben, Andrea and Elaine are in Massachusetts with Ben’s family.  Kenny is in North Carolina with Becky and her family.  Wesley is in Tulsa, OK with Lauren and her family.  We will be heading to my Mom and Dad’s house in a bit for dinner with the Colorado Pauls.   Have a very blessed day with all of those you are gathered with!

“O taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusts in Him.”   Psalm 34:8

Pictures of our day to follow!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Family Stuff

So, while we did not attend Zane’s race, I did borrow some pictures from Grams.  Tim is Wally’s younger brother and Zane is his 16 year old son.  As I mentioned before he is involved in cyclocross.  In fact in the race a week ago he placed third. Since then he received an invitation to participate in the Worlds Competition taking place in Belgium over his Christmas school break. Tim just happens to be his coach.  I actually googled cyclocross to understand it a little better.  You can too because I am not explaining it here…I am all about pictures! Rolling on the floor laughing  You can also Google Zane Godby and read about his progress.

Muddy Race

Zane takes the Bronze

Maddie, Zane, Tim and Ann

This is a biking family.  Maddie is in training for the Olympics in the cycledrome event.  You can google her too.  In fact when I did I discovered Maddie has her own blog called 2 Wheels Are Better Than 4.  Check that out too!

Zane and Gramsie

On Saturday Wally and I drove to Laramie for Kaylah’s Senior Violin Recital.  I have memories of Kaylah as a pretty young girl having her violin at every family get together.  However I could not find the picture to prove it. Yet I would have to stretch my memory to recall a time when she did not have her violin along!  But it has paid off.  She did very well.  She will begin her student teaching soon.  Her long term goal is to go to Malaysia where she will teach.

Brock and Kaylah.  Brock accompanied Kaylah on the piano.

Leah (Wally’s sister, just in case you didn’t know), Kaylah and Gramsie

The Driskell’s, Marlin, Michael, Leah, Kaylah, and Nicole


Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31

A Special Visit

Last week Wally’s Mom came to Denver.  The reason for her visit was to participate in two events of two her grandchildren.  Zane, our nephew was in a bike competition.  He competes in cyclocross. Kaylah, our niece is a senior music major at the University of Wyoming.  Her senior violin recital was this past weekend. 

This pic of Wally and his Mom were taken at the recital.  We were so laid back while she was with us, I forgot to get out the camera.

You may remember recently that Wally’s Dad went to be with the Lord.  This trip was Grams’ first trip with out her husband.  She is embarking on many “firsts” especially as we head into the holidays. I know it has been tough for her.   It was a “first” for us as well.  The first time Grams came to visit and no Gramps was with her.  He was certainly missed.

Although there are many bittersweet emotions, I think our visit was on the sweet end of the spectrum.  Wally’s Mom was with us from Monday until Wednesday.  Since Wally works, I got to benefit.  Grams and I have not chatted and visited like that in a very l-o-o-ng time!  We had no family celebrations to attend to or kids to interrupt.  We just had a couple of lazy days to share over a nice cup of tea. 

Last year Grams and Gramps took a big road trip out west in their fifth wheel.  Grams still had pics on her camera so we downloaded them onto my computer and she shared some of their trip.  Gramps had some plans on giving toward some missions projects and I heard what Grams is doing to honor his desires.  She also shared what she is doing to finish up changes in their home that were in progress.

I was thinking that the last time we visited like this, in my home, no other commitments bringing us together, was when she and Gramps came.  Grams had her sewing machine and box of fabric scraps.  She let the kids choose designs that she embroidered on her machine.  She gave me some lessons on my serger and we made an outfit.  Here’s a picture of the kids in their matching nightshirts she made them=====we were so overdue for our visit!


Pleasant words are like a honeycomb,

Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.

Proverbs 16:24

The Brooklyn Bridge

Argghh!  I forgot all about sharing pics of my day with Andrea and Elaine and the Brooklyn Bridge.  I guess when I returned home, life was happening kind of fast and kept putting it out of my mind…way out apparently!

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, completed in 1883.  It took 13 years to build and cost 15.5 million dollars!  It connects the New York City Boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Cars drive underneath and pedestrians and bicycles cross the East River above.  The bridge is not very long, just over a mile.  It has become a well known part of the NYC skyline and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1964.

Here are some famous sightings I took from the Bridge---

Lady Liberty

The Empire State Building

Lower Manhattan

 I had to take a picture of this…they get so much of our money!

Below is a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge beyond. It was built to alleviate traffic, cars driving above and the subway running on the bottom.

We shopped, (I bought souvenirs) and  people   watched, (I tried to keep my mouth from staring and snickering.  Sometimes you can’t help yourself and with so many people, there is just more to be amazed at!)  and we had New York pizza for lunch. On the way home we crossed through City Hall Park.  This was a pretty fountain there and notice the lights burning, they are gas lights. 


And of course we had to grab a Starbucks to sip on the train!

Andrea should never have let Elaine try a gingerbread latte…

Elaine enjoying a latte

Elaine enjoying a latte

Don’t her eyes look almost angry here??  She wanted the cup all to herself!

Elaine enjoying a latte

   Oh, so much happier here !!

Grandmas shouldn’t tell these kinds of tales, but Elaine threw a screaming hissy fit while we were on the train, thoroughly embarrassing Mommy and Grandma.  I’m just sure there must have been something in that gingerbread latte! 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

When You Live in the Big City…

…things are just different!  Not necessarily bad, and I think I could adjust if I moved…eventually. The thing I think I would miss most is just “space.”  I enjoy my yard a lot.  Maybe if I had some little spot of dirt to dig in or decorate with a flower or two, I’d be ok. I did see some very creative little “spaces” as we walked or drove around the city.  And there are lots of parks around.  On Sunday afternoon we took Elaine to one.  It was a chilly day so we didn’t stay long. 

She loves the slide…

                                      …and the swing…

                                           …and Grandma and Grandpa!


Both sets of them!

The Cheerios Kid

Wally and I had a wonderful time in Brooklyn, NY.  If we lived closer to Ben and Andrea we could get rid of our TV and just be entertained by Elaine! She just toddles all over chattering away.  I would love to know what she is saying in her baby chit-chat! I know I say it over and over but she is just so cute.  

You may have heard how Elaine loves Cheerios, especially if you follow Andrea’s blog.  Cheerios are the magical food.  Elaine goes to the cupboard and helps herself to the box.  When we were out and about and she would fuss, we just pulled out the Cheerios container---happiness for the mouth!  For her Birthday, Sissy (Ben’s Mom) gave Elaine this great book.

Each page is  designed with Cheerios and then there are some holes incorporated  so Elaine can add her real Cheerios!  Its very cute. 

The best start to our day while in Brooklyn, was having Elaine crawl into bed with us (though sometimes early)…and of course she had her Cheerios with her!  She was willing to share however!

Personally I think General Mills should contact Elaine for their next ad campaign! 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Veteran’s Day


Today was Veteran’s Day, an often overlooked day on the calendar.  It was also travel day for me as I returned  home. I admit Veteran’s Day usually comes and goes without too much attention on my part.  But flying today gave me an opportunity to take time on this day to be thankful for those who have given so much for the freedom I enjoy each day.

I flew on Southwest Airlines and as I checked in the attendant at the counter asked me if I would like to fill out a card to give to a Vet.  I thought that was a nice thing for them to do.  So I filled out the card.

Then, when we were about halfway through our flight, the head flight attendant came on the loudspeaker. She apologized for interrupting any naps but she had a couple of questions to ask.  Was there any World War II Vets on board?  No, she did not think she had seen anyone that old come on board. She shared how her father was a WWII and how grateful she was that he was still living.  How about a Korean War Vet?  None of those either.  That would be someone my Dad’s age.  He had just gone into the army about the time that conflict was settled.  She asked if if there were any Viet Nam Vets, and as I saw the first hand being raised, the clapping of thanks also began.  I began to feel my own heart soften as I clapped too.  The next war, Desert Storm.  There was a Vet on board from that war too.  I thought of my friends Joe and Kathy Huryk and his many health complications as a result of that war.  (Thank you Joe).  It was a little surprising that there was no one on board from either the Iraq or Afghanistan deployments.  (Are we calling those wars??)

The flight attendant asked them to turn on their call lights and leave them on for the remainder of the flight.  Then she proceeded to lead us in singing “My country ‘tis of Thee”.  She began by saying she had learned this in school and wanted to sing it with Veteran’s Day and the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday in mind.  Now I don’t know if people were just shy or what but there were not many voices joining in the song. I too learned it in school and as I looked about the  plane there were a lot of younger faces.  It made me wonder if maybe they really did not know the song at all.  I also thought it was interesting to tie the two November holidays together.   The freedom to give thanks and honoring those who preserve that freedom.  I am so grateful and thankful for our country and for all those in the armed forces who have served.  Thank You!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Birthday Days Brings Birthday Cards

If you have a Birthday, you have to get a Birthday Card, right?  Right!  Here’s the cards I made for my two special girls.

Sometimes when you go to a Birthday party, someone will give you a card for a special reason…even if it is not your Birthday.  That’s what happened to us at Elaine’s party.  Both sets of her grandparents were present and she toddled over to each of us and gave us a card with a very special message. 


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WHAT?? Another Birthday?

Yep.  That’s the way they come some times.  Twenty-Eight years ago today, Andrea Michelle was born. 

Andrea with Mr. Bear in rocker

She was a two finger sucking girl who had a pink fluffy friend, Mr. Bear.  Whew, where have the years gone?   Mostly they have gone into growing a little girl into a lovely woman.   I gave Andrea a plaque a few years ago that says, “a daughter is a little girl who grows up to be your friend?”  It is so true for me.


Today I spent a wonderful day with my daughter, which does not  happen very often anymore.  She took me to Manhattan via the subway and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.  I am quite impressed that a girl who only knew she was going west because she saw the mountains, navigates the streets and subway system so well!  Though she has only lived in Brooklyn for five months, she has quite a bit of New York know how!

I have been here visiting Andrea for almost a week now.  It has been fun to be in her home and watch her as wife, mommy and homemaker, three jobs she does very well.  Wally and I are very proud of Andrea, the good kind of pride.  She has always been a hard worker, very capable and efficient.  So it is a blessing to see how her abilities and  gifts have come full circle and are being used in her life.  You’re doing a great job, sis!

The Lord blessed our family 28  years ago when He gave us   Andrea.  She has been a joy and a delight to have as our daughter.  Happy, Happy Birthday, dear daughter!!  We love you very much!


Monday, November 8, 2010

pArTy GiRl!!!!

The reason we came to Brooklyn, of course was for Elaine’s First Birthday !! And she was the party girl!



The table was set and spread with gifts and Andrea had made a cute bunny cake.  She actually made three, one for Elaine and the other two to serve the guests.


You’ve heard the song, “…its my party and I’ll cry if I want too…” But when you’re just turning one and you do that, Mom puts you down for a nap!  So there was a slight delay in the party!

After the nap and an outfit change, we tried again.  Here’s the birthday girl and her Mommy and Daddy!


I won’t bore you with a bunch of pictures of Elaine opening her gifts, just a couple…

…and who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?  The party girl can!

Let the fun begin…

It’s great to be One!


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