Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thankful Thursday


This summer I decided to read the book Life Management for Busy Women.   I’ve read the book before, and somewhere along the line I picked up the  accompanying study guide.  I thought I needed the help in getting “my life” back on track.  I worked out the chapters and figured that if I accomplished one a week I could complete the study about the time that BSF was beginning again.  Well, it is taking me a little longer than a week to finish a chapter.  The study guide actually has quite a few questions to complete.  I love that it is grounded in scripture and I am spending a lot of time looking at familiar and new passages. What I really appreciate is that the book begins with the right foundation, the spiritual life.  Though much of the information is not new it is refreshing.  I have gotten a bit lazy in the “disciplines” of the Christian walk.  The first two chapters deal with developing a passion for God’s Word.  The principle to give God my time-my first time-and my early time, has been ringing in my ears.  It is amazing to me that once you make a commitment to something, how quickly it will be tested.  I feel I’ve been pretty good at taking time to be in God’s Word each day.  Even to make it my “first time.”  But early?  Hmmm.  As soon as I decided to do that, I have had the biggest struggle in staying up late and sleeping through the alarm.  Then to top it off, I cannot believe the pull to check my email first thing rather than give God that first time!

I am encouraged by this quote from the book about discipline…”You do it because you need to and are supposed to do it and because it is the right thing to do…then somehow the duty of the discipline turns into sheer delight and we reap the blessings of a priceless, tender relationship with the Lord a thousand fold. 

So I am taking the first steps.  If I get hung up on first time, there is always tomorrow to set it right.  My goal is to make early time a desire (I am truly a night owl) and a reality by the end of summer! 

Father’s Day 2012

It is pretty much engraved in cement around here that on Father's Day we go to Dad’s house and grill steaks.  Mother’s Day is frequently up in the air, but Father’s Day we all head to Dad’s house.  Boy was it hot this year! Dad kept asking what the thermometer was reading as it crept up to 94, 95…does it even matter past 90?  It is just hot!  We had to move the grill further away from the patio to avoid the extra heat it put out.  After the grilling and consuming was complete we pulled out the cameras!  Everyone’s favorite part…okay, I know, it is just Robin, Mom and I.  Although now that Scott has a digital camera he gets in on the act too.

I usually take a picture of all the Dads…my Dad, Wally, Scott and Terry.  But just as were starting to relax, Terry, my brother-in-law, pulled out a lounge chair.  He half unfolded it and I think he thought as he pushed back the rest would unfold.  But it did not and he slammed the patio pretty hard.  So he is missing in all the photos.  (I’m glad he got to eat first!)

Here is Dad and Mom with the Colorado Grand kids. Back row; Dad and the two babies, Wesley and Nathan, Nicole, Kyle and Mom. Aaron and Krista took seats up frontFathers Day 2012

It seems that at most family get togethers Kyle ad Krista blow in and out kind of fast.  So It was nice to get a photo of them together, even if Kyle would not take off his sunglasses!  Pretty nice too!Kyle and Krista

And here are the Solomon boys, Kyle, Aaron and Nathan.  Brian the oldest is missing.  Robin is very blessed to have three of her four kids nearby.  Accept that all the grandkids live with Brian in Ohio.img_5141

This is Scott and Nicole.  He was missing half of his kids, Michael lives in Wyoming.img_5136

Wally has 1/3 of his kids this year for Father’s Day, Wesley.Sherry Wes Wally Fathers Day 2012

Tired of family pictures yet?  Sorry, I have a couple more.  I guess that is why the kids all groan when the cameras come out.  I kind of feel like Anne Shirley in Anne of Greene Gables…”if you only knew how many pictures I wanted to share, and didn’t!”

Mom, Robin, Scott, Dad and I.  Half of the kids present for our Dad!img_5168

Me and Dadimg_5158

So you survived…until the next family get together!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father’s Day Cards

Here are my cards I gave for Father’s  Day this year~~

Bens Fathers Day card 2012

This is Ben’s card and gift card (check) holder

Bens gift card holder for fathers day

This is for Wally~~


My card for Dad~~

Fathers Day Card for Dad 2012

And these are two mini cards for my brother Scott and Brother in law Terry


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day

1 John 3:1
Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God!

What a blessing to know God as my loving Father.  It is also a wonderful blessing to have Fathers in my life that reflect His love and care and goodness.

Dad's 85th B-Day

My Dad.  He has been a wonderful example to me of faithful dependence on the Lord all my life.  I have been privileged to watch him pray and trust and serve and witness and faithfully look for the Lord’s return.  Next to his spot at the table is a pile of books and articles and things he is reading and studying about the Bible.  He is 86 years old and still desiring to learn all he can about the Lord.  Try not to call him at 10:00 in the morning because he has his radio on and Bible open as he “walks through the Bible” with J. Vernon McGee…I think he has walked through that study more than once! 

Grams and Gramps trip out west, 2009

Pop.  He has been in the presence of His Father for a year and a half now.  His study books and Bible are set aide, as is his faith, for he now sees and knows what we are still anticipating!  We miss you and think of you often!

Christmas 2007

Wally.  The Dad of my kids!  He has been a great Dad and wonderful provider for his family.  There is nothing he would not do…and probably has done…for his kids!  The nest may be empty, but there is still much to do.  I know you pray for your kids and grandkids and are very proud of them all!


Ben, our son in law.  Another hard worker as he provides for his family in a tough place..Brooklyn, NY.  Ben is the most patient man I have ever met.  I am also impressed by his discipline.  He works hard, helps with the kids and still finds time to study and for ministry responsibilities.  We are so blessed to have you as Andrea’s husband and Elaine and Nolan’s Dad!

Happy Father’s Day!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Andrea and the kids have been gone about three weeks now…I can hardly believe it.  I am still relishing in the memories and thinking it was just yesterday!  But alas, they are gone.  I have the pictures to prove it…


There may be smiles on those faces, but I happen to know the true feeling was dread.  Andrea had a long day of travel with two little ones…alone.  Wally and I would return to a very quiet, lonely house and start missing the grand kids!

img_5029Elaine, Betsy and Pa!

      img_5042               img_5041

Elaine walked Betsy around to get rid of her wiggles before boarding!



    img_5045  img_5038

Nolan chewed on my camera bag.  I don’t think it helped in any way before boarding the plane.


So now it is back to Skype, email, and Facebook for these grandparents… until October!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Random Acts of Cute!

Here’s just some snaps of the kids being cute while they were here.  If you read Andrea's blog you might be seeing double.  But hey, cute is cute!


Nolan is a cutie pie.  The trouble is that he is always moving…always.  Most of my pictures of him are a blur or he has his turned and moved on already!  



Wesley being a good uncle!



Nolan with the Cell Phone


Walking the dog and resting the dog…Gypsy looks thrilled doesn’t she?




This cracks me up.  We were at the mall and I went for a coffee and Andrea headed over to Chick Fila.  As I walked toward them across the food court all I saw was Andrea and Nolan.  Then Andrea stepped aside and there was Elaine with a vanilla cone about as big as she is,  walking very carefully with her prize!  I know, you had to be there!  But I still laugh whenever I see this picture!



Elaine discovered my little make up brushes and I offered my mirror on a stand for her…she had a great time brushing away!  Nolan had a great time rummaging in the drawer for anything his little hand could wrap around.  No picture of that, but he was there!

Elaine putting on makeup      Elaine putting on makeup

Simply Beautiful!

Elaine putting on makeup

It is so true…if we had known had much fun grand kids were, we would have had them first!! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Washington Park

There are some things I like about living in Denver.  I really love to drive the side streets and enjoy the old neighborhoods.  Whether wealthy or simple homes, most of the people seem to take pride in the care of their yards.  They are very picturesque to me.  I am also enjoying being near Washington Park…it’s just a couple miles from the Polo Club.  I have not really been to the park for years and I forgot how pretty it is.  I have a memory of taking the kids there when we all had roller blades.  I remember skating from bench to bench because my legs hurt so bad!  On Mother’s Day Wally and I took a walk around it, well just a part of it, it really is pretty big!  They are just getting the gardens in for the summer and I am looking forward to visiting the park a little more often.  Then when Andrea was here we took the kids over one afternoon to play.

I do not know what kind of trees these are. They were quite tall and loaded with blossoms. Very beautiful, even with many of the small flowers covering the walk and grass below.






We played on the swings, of course.  You can kind of see Nolan’s smile peeking out behind his paci!  And the slides… I was surprised how quickly Elaine climbed the chain ladder.  Andrea said she loves it at their park. 




There’s no smile peeking out here, but I’m sure he was having a good time!  Fun afternoon! 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Garden Delights

How fun it is to have someone to share in your gardening adventures.  Especially if that someone is your cute little granddaughter!  I bought her a little shovel and rake out of the dollar bin and one day while Nolan was down for his nap, Elaine helped me plant some flowers.




Elaine doesn’t really like to get dirty.  She likes clean hands.  So I dug a bunch of holes and had her put little scoops of compost in them for me…Here she is putting in her little scoops…very little scoops.  More like a like a teaspoon or less!  Only the toes are getting dirty!


Andrea showed Elaine how to water, she liked that.  The plants got a lot more water than compost…a whole lot more!



Here’s a cute story from the garden bed.  Andrea had gone into the office and Wally came along.  We have a bathroom outside near the garage for the contractors to use.  Elaine saw “Pa” go in.  I am around the front working with my back to Elaine.  She kept saying “I yucky”.  I said, “I know we will go clean up when we are done.”  She would say again “ I yucky”.    Then she announced she had “to go potty”.  So I told her to run tell Mommy in the office.  I literally turned around and there was Elaine’s pile of clothes, but no Elaine.  Reminded me of the scene from The Wizard of Oz,  the witch just disappeared with nothing left but her hat! She ran clear around the front of the clubhouse, stark naked!  By the time I rounded the corner, she was just meeting up with Grandpa, a very shocked look on his face as he came out of the bathroom and Elaine ran in! I sure am missing that little girl!


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