Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Merry Little Month of May!

If I am reading the calendar correctly, we launch into summer this week.  So if I want to share spring I better get this post finished up.

Duckling Display- Around the Polo Club North, spring is the duckling exhibit time.  This Mama had nine she was showing off the day I took the picture.  I believe our resident hawk dwindled her family down to three.  Sunday Wally rescued five babies from the storm drain and another three were rescued yesterday by some window washers.  We had two residents report to us that there is a new brood of fifteen floating about.  I’m not sure why I always think I need to take pictures of them, but they are very cute!

Ducklings Spring 2014

Easter…I know, I know… that’s April, but I’m squeezing a couple in here since I neglected to do so in April.  Here’s Wally and I with our traditional picture in front of church.IMG_0612

We went to Robin’s house for dinner…we have not done that in a l-o-ng time!  It was a nice brunch and family time.  Well, for those of us who stayed awake!


Bible Study Fellowship- May began with an ending.  Our last night of class was May 5.  It was our Share Night and filled with wonderful testimonies of lessons learned and hearts changed from our study in the book of Matthew.  This year  BSF adjusted our lessons from 32 weeks to 30 weeks.  I did not know how they could get the material covered but  they did and it is quite nice to end class early in May!  I cannot believe it but I forgot to take any pictures this year!  Arghh!

Opera- We went to the opera!  One of our resident’s phoned the office to offer us the tickets…Wally was very good to ask me if I wanted to go when he probably would have passed.  We saw Carmen.  It was called a “bare-back” opera, meaning there were no big fancy back drops.  The orchestra was up on stage and the actors sang and moved around the orchestra.  The orchestra was beautiful.  Reading the “closed captions” to keep up with Italian singing got a bit weary .  I confess I was dosing off a bit when a man yelled out “Bravo, Bravo!”.  It did startle me!!

Bees- Wally added a second bee hive and replaced the queen in our existing hive.  We also marked the new queen before adding her.  Talk about learning through trial and error…we actually lost the queen!  After several moments of panicked searching and then asking, “Well, what do we do now?”, Wally began to close the hive up.  We could not believe it, but there on his arm, in the crease of his jacket was the queen!  We knew it was her, because she had our mark! 

And if you be wondering how it is that you mark a bee, it’s with a sharpie paint pen!  She is in that syringe type tool with a screen on the end.  We just pushed her down to the screen and marked her with the paint pen through the screen!  I wonder who thought that one up?  

Marking the Queen Bee

Wally getting ready to add the new queen

Mother’s Day- We had a nice Mother’s Day dinner together.  We nearly forgot to get a picture together until Mom was heading out the door. And of course, Terry, my brother-in-law likes to play tricks, so unbeknownst to us, he is in the “Mom” picture!


I got a creative bug going and made some gifts for Mother’s Day.  This is a little album I did for my Mom.  It is in a plastic case and it pulls out.  These cases are sold by Stampin UP for their stamp storage.  But there’s a ton of crafty ideas for making them into something more fun!



This is  a different size case and it makes nice notepad holder.  I made one for Wally’s Mom, for Robin, and for Andrea.



Here’s a couple of the cards I made~



Wesley’s Birthday-The baby of the family turned 25!  So hard to believe!

Wesley's 25th Birthday

What he wanted for his Birthday was for Dad to smoke him a rack of ribs…seven racks actually!  I think his freezer is nice and full of the leftovers!

Wesley's 25th Birthday

The Birthday guests were our good friends Jack and Jana Pine, almost all of their kids my parents, and two girls who are two more good friends.

Wesley's 25th Birthday

Trail Ridge Road- Wally wanted to take a ride to Trail Ridge Road while there was still snow.  He wants me to compare the photos of our first ride together…quite a few years ago…for our anniversary this August.  You’ll have to check back then to get the full scoop. This ride wasalso to break me in for our planned trip to Utah at the end of May.  It was a chilly ride, I wore Wally’s heated coat liner.  Going home we rode over Berthoud Pass and it rained pretty good on us, the temps dropped to 42*.  Then on Sunday, Trail Ridge got more snow and it was closed again!

Trail Ridge Road May 2014

Thirty-five-ish years ago we rode to Trail Ridge Road and we could not get all the way across it because of the snow.  I don’t really recall how beautiful it was way back then, (must have had my mind on something else) but it must have been as stunning then as it was now! 

Trail Ridge Road May 2014

Trail Ridge Road May 2014

Polo Club North-May 24 was our Annual Board Meeting.  It’s kind of a big deal with lots of extra work.  This year I inherited the job of putting together the phone directory. I could not have done it without Andrea’s help.  She created a spreadsheet for me to input all the info and she merged all my existing info into the directory.  I really like the way it came out.  It’s a big improvement from what had been used for quite a few years before.  Thanks Andrea!

IMG_9865Sadie- Now what does May have to do with Sadie?  Nothing really except that she gets cuter everyday!



Vacation!-The morning after the Annual Meeting, we set out for Utah on the motorcycle. My first long ride.  We saw some gorgeous country…and I might have taken a picture or two.  Winking smile

Leaving for Motorcycle tip to UT


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