Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Long and the Short of It

Joann has been cutting my hair for a lot of years.  I used to go to her house and she would cut it in the basement.  She also did mine and Andrea’s hair and all the bridesmaids when Andrea was married.  Three days a week she works at a hair salon in Denver.  In fact it is one of the oldest shops in Denver and it is near my new home.  It is The Sixth Avenue Beauty Salon. 


I first met Joann years ago when our kids were younger.  I had hung out some signs in my neighborhood for an American Girl's Doll Clothes Show I hosted.  Joann stopped by with her daughter Kellie to have a look.  I do not think we sold a thing that day, but I gained a wonderful friendship.  Joann and I both homeschooled and our paths crossed at many home school events.  She also attended BSF for a lot of years.  Whenever I went to have my hair cut, it was an opportunity to be encouraged in the Lord and we exchanged many prayer requests.  Joann would also give me Starbucks coffee bags good for a free tall coffee.  I think I am supposed to  tip her!  I always leave after having my hair cut feeling good on the outside and the inside!

Our kids are now grown.  Kellie is married and has a baby girl, Cassidy.  She cuts hair with Joann a couple days a week and brings Cassidy along.  So when Andrea came to town last week, we both went in and had our hair cut and showed off the grandkids! 



Cassidy is about two months older than Nolan.  She has her own toys, but Mom’s hair cart is more fun!


The whole gang…none of the kids looks too happy, but they at least are all looking at the camera!  Thanks Joann for being such a blessing to me!

May Photo a Day-Week Four


may photo a day

19.  A Favorite Place

img_5082Surprise, Surprise, it’s my scrappin’ room!

20.  Something You Can’t Live Without

img_5051At first I thought of this flippantly, like chocolate or coffee; then a bit seriously, family, my kids, friends. Then I thought,  “well really no matter what losses I may have in life, like family or friends, it will only be God’s Word that enables me to live through that loss”.  I have been reading  in Psalm 119 recently which all about God’s Word.  I know that God’s Word will last forever, even out living faith and love.

21.  Where You Stand

img_5083 Just my feet on some carpet.

22.  Pink

img_5014Elaine, Pretty in Pink!  I bought this adorable wool winter coat for $20.00! The inside of the hood is pink flowers.  She’ll probably wear it two winters! 

23.  Technologyimg_5059I will never be technological, but these three items I use each day and they connect me to family and friends far away!

24.  Something New

img_5054My new motorcycle helmet.  It has a Darth Vader look to it!

25.  Unusual

img_5070My front door leads to my home as well as my workplace.

26.  12 o’clock

img_5079Honestly, after days of missing the 12 o’clock hour, I finally turned the hands on this little clock and snapped the picture!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Day to Shine---

That’s what I was told as we were about to greet the first arrivals at Polo Club’s annual meeting.  I’m not sure I realized that as we worked toward this night, maybe that’s a good thing!  Each month we have a board meeting, the last Tuesday of the month.  It is open for all the residents to attend but less than five have done so since we began working here.  In May the board meeting becomes the annual meeting and many of the residents turn out.  We had been cleaning for a couple weeks…partly for our spring cleaning and partly in anticipation of the annual meeting.  We did windows, blinds, scrubbed the baseboards, removed and cleaned all the vents, had the carpets cleaned and the kitchen painted.  It looked pretty good!  We ordered tables, chairs, and snacks.  Andrea was visiting and she baked chocolate chip cookies and friendship bread for me.  We were shining---

The Room



And Us!


One thing I am learning about get-togethers at the Polo Club is that the event begins early and when it is over, the people clear out pretty fast.  There is very little hanging around and chatting afterwards. So our time to shine was short but I think I’m relieved and glad it is all over.  Until next year anyway!

Our boss, Rebecca had asked me to make a “Thank You” card for the Board President who was stepping down.  I made one for the current board members to sign and one from Rebecca, Wally and I to sign.  I somehow did not get a picture of the second card.


The paper was a little shiny so here is a different angle. 


Class Acts

Bible Study Fellowship came to an end last Monday night with our Share Night.  It is a night set aside for our members to share with the class what God has done for them through the year’s study.  This year we studied the Acts of the Apostles.  It included the entire book of Acts, Hebrews, First and Second Thessalonians, First and Second Corinthians, Ephesians, James, First and Second Peter and Jude.  I thought our Share Night attendance was about the best we had experienced and the sharing was wonderful to hear. 

One of the biggest blessings in my life has been Bible Study Fellowship.  It has given me accountability to be in God’s Word and been a wonderful tool for growth in my spiritual life for a number of years.  So it is a privilege to be able to serve the Lord through this ministry.

This is our class staff which includes, the teaching leader, substitute teaching leader, class administrator, and the children’s supervisor.  I love these ladies who by their lives reveal their love for Jesus.  Not by perfect lives but by being “doers of the Word and not hearers only”.  (One of my lessons when we studied James)

img_4950Gail (STL), Me (CA), Debbie(CS) and Alethea (TL)

I am also privileged to have a wonderful Admin Team.  I think for the first time since taking the position of class administrator I have served with ladies who have had been “heart” oriented over being “task” oriented. 


You’ve probably heard me moan and groan about my move this year.  Wally took the job just as BSF was gearing up.  I’m not sure if my mind ever fully engaged the move or BSF  all year.  So I really look back and see these ladies as God’s gift to me.  They truly kept the class rolling.

Its not a requirement to have kids to be on the admin team, but we sure did appreciate the help of the kids of two of our members.  We arrive early each class night to set the church.  It  involves moving tables and chairs and roping off the seating in the sanctuary.  What a blessing to have kids who have energy to assist you in that!

img_4803  img_4797

img_4802April and her sons, Cody and Kyle

img_4799Stephanie and her kids, Blake, Zak, and Nicole

This is my first Monday since September that I do not have to run out the door at 5:00.  Whoo-hoo!  I am looking forward to the summer break.  In the fall we will be studying Genesis.  I am looking forward to that as well.  See if there is a class near you and join us…men included!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

May Photo A Day-Week Three

may photo a day

13.  Mom

img_4712I love thinking of all the ways these hands have loved, served, helped and folded in prayer

14. Grass

img_4821Elaine and Nolan their first afternoon at Grandma’s house

15.  Love

img_4639Two loves for me here; digging in the dirt and doing it with Elaine!

16.  What You’re Reading

img_5009My Bible Study for the summer

17.  Snack

img_4903It didn’t take long for Gypsy to discover there were good things under Nolan’s chair

18.  Something You made

img_4942Cards…surprised?  They were for some special ladies at BSF

19.  A Favorite Place

img_4647Starbucks…again, surprised?  I don’t really care for the mermaid but love the coffee!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy, Happy- Late, Late Birthday Wishes!

Last Thursday was my baby’s Birthday. I’m so behind in blogging…did you hear my grand kids are visiting?  But I didn’t want to let his day go completely by (just a week) without acknowledging his special day…even though he is not a regular reader of his Mother’s blog.  (No guilt here Wes!)  He turned 23 years old!

img_4919 It was nice to have Andrea visiting to celebrate with us.

img_4922 We had Birthday Peach Cobbler this year, made by Andrea…we aren’t really cake people.  And I did not have any candles Sad smile

img_4913I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of Wes with his grandparents.  I did get one of Andrea and and the grands with them though!

  img_4915   img_4920

Wesley is a good uncle.  He loves Nolan and Elaine. I came across the picture below while I was looking through Wesley’s baby pictures.  Nolan looks a lot like him don’t you think?


And while we are looking at the baby pictures, here’s a few more from Memory Lane.  Part of being third means most of your baby pictures are shared with the older sister and brother.  It can be hard to be third.  Everyone either showers you with attention or just as easily ignores you.  [But Wesley, these two siblings have been your best friends and to this day love you more than anyone else.  And of all your friends, these two will be there for you no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.  I know they pray for you.]

docimage36I think Kenny was giving us a wave here??



I have been grateful for all the children God has given us.  God gave Wesley to us at an unexpected time and when things were a little difficult in our life.  Then along comes this little guy who just brought laughter and smiles to his entire family.  You have made life interesting for all of us Wes! 


I encourage you with the same words that Paul did Timothy.  I think of this passage because God has given you many gifts Wesley.  Use them to glorify Him!

…I remind you to  stir up the gift of God which is in you…for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.   Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord,…but share in the sufferings for the gospel according to the power of God, Who has saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace… II Timothy 1:6-9.

Happy Birthday Wesley Keith…I know it was! Smile

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


At church Sunday the Pastor shared that it has been calculated that a Mother spends 15,000 hours of child generated work a year…per child.  And that women without children have approximately three months of leisure time per year.  Wow, that’s kind of eye opening.  My Mom had six children.  My math has never been very good but I don’t think she had any time to sleep! 

The point that was being made is that nothing compares to a Mother’s love.  A mother sacrifices all day long!  I have had an interesting perspective on mothering recently, from opposite ends of the journey.

Andrea is just beginning the journey.  She has had a couple of tough weeks of mothering…sick kids!  I don’t think I was very encouraging to her when we chatted.  I wished I was closer so I could help out. Mostly I remembered what it was like and felt a little relieved that I wasn’t going through it again.  It’s hard going without sleep!

I love watching Andrea mother.  She is diligent and intentional.  The other morning we received a phone call from Elaine wanting to sing the “rainbow song” on the computer!  Did you ever sing that song as a child?  “Oh Who can make a rainbow?…no one but God ‘tis true.”  I asked her if they were having devotions, and they were.  That blessed my heart so much!

Mother's Day 2012_thumbAndrea, Nolan, Elaine…Betsy and Sally

On the other end of the spectrum is my Mom, approaching 80 years old.  Her children are raised as well as most of her grand children.  She is enjoying great grandchildren.  Aging has its own battles and it is hard.   Back in October my Mom had a fall down the steps at home.  She is still rehabilitating.  She came for dinner on Saturday evening to celebrate Mother’s Day and she bravely climbed up and down the steps to our apartment.




I love my Mom and am so blessed by all she sacrificed for her family as a Mother.  I know she and Dad prays for their family faithfully.  That too is a sacrifice, praying is difficult.  If they accomplish nothing else in a day, they have certainly accomplished much by their prayers. 

Sunday the Pastor closed by saying, “experiencing a Mother’s love may be the closest thing to Divine love because it is self-sacrificing.” 

Thank you Moms for choosing to love and sacrifice for your families!

Here’s some Mother’s Day cards I made for the Moms closest to me…


img_4726For Andrea

img_4730For my Mom-in-law

img_4727For my Sister, Robin

img_4766For my Mom (terrible picture)

img_4768And also a tea cup of chocolate for Mom.  The tag says, “you’re my cup of tea”


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