Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thankful Thursday

“It’s a thankless job!”  That’s what Wally says about our trash collector’s job.  Sometime last summer Wally started leaving a can of pop on top or our trash can for “garbage guy”.  I think it started one week after we had a lot of trash to pick up.  Wally was home when the truck rolled by and helped  “garbage guy” toss in the extra trash, then offered him a drink.  We’ve just kept it up.  It’s mostly my job now.  At Christmas I left him a bag of goodies and a gospel tract.  At Easter I left him some candy and I caught him on the driveway and asked him to go to church with us.  On Mother’s Day,  or two days after,  he wished me a Happy Mother’s Day!  He’s very nice.  He might not have the most sought after job, its truly a stinky job!  But we are very thankful for him.

Every week after the garbage is emptied, our garbage guy sets our cans up off the street and onto our drive.  I kind of chuckle to myself because all the neighbors have theirs still by the curb!  I think he does it to say thank you back to us. 

This past week we had rain all day long!  Our trash did not get picked up until late afternoon.  I don’t know if there was truck trouble or a change in routes.  I do know it wasn’t our “garbage guy” who came that day…our pop was taken, the can left on the curb, and the lids left hanging open----on a rainy day!!  I hope “garbage guy” is just on vacation!

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