Saturday, May 14, 2011

Getting the Garden In

Tuesday evening Wally fertilized the grass because we were supposed to get rain.  He went ahead and watered because he said “I’m not putting much faith in the forecasters.”  But that night it did rain, and it rained a good steady rain all night long.  Wally and Wes left early for AZ with two others from our church.  They were heading to Grand View Camp to do some roofing on the new buildings there.  They drove out of the rain and into 70* dry weather.  Here at home it kind of snowed, kind of pelted and mostly rained all day long…and on into the night and all of Thursday!  Those “forecasters” reported three inches of rain!  I guess that is more than our average for the month of May.

Friday the sun was shining and I finally got the garden planted.  I feel kind of bad because Wally tilled it three weekends ago.  But it was a beautiful day to garden all day long.  With the moist ground to work in, it was easy hoeing and digging.  I feel very accomplished and wore out!

Wally doing his part

Gypsy doing her part

Here’s my part

Every year I plant zinnia seed along the fence…I can remember doing that with my Dad along the edge of his garden when I was little.  These strings are my carrots, radish, lettuce and spinach. This year I’m going to try some thing different.  I only planted half of the row and then in a couple of weeks I’m going to plant the other half.  I think I’m going to try a fall planting too. Something else new for me, I bought one of those grape tomato plants.  I think they are about perfect for a salad!  I also put in three longer rows of green beans at the far end.  Last year I somehow bought pole beans instead of bush…they were awful and I had none to can.  I’m excited about that now, but come picking time, I’m sure my back will wonder what in the world I was thinking!

And to top it off, my lilac bush seems to hanging in there just fine!  They do smell so good!

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