Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother’s Day Cards

Here’s the cards I made for Mother’s Day this year.

This is Andrea’s card

This card was for my Mom in law

My Mom’s card

This one is for Robin

In Sunday School we made these cute little tea pots for the girls to take home for their Moms.  Inside we put a tea bag and a couple of pieces of Dove chocolates.  I think it was Andrea who brought one home to me years ago, with a cookie and a teabag inside.  I traced around her card and repeated it in Sunday School for years.  Then I saw a cute idea using packets of flower seed.  So I used that idea several times.  This year Andrea asked me to send her the pattern for the teapot to use in her Sunday School class.  Well, she thought the pattern was  a little rough and revamped it a bit and sent it back.  So, this is what the girls made!

Happy Mother’s Day…and crafting!

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