Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday

A week ago today Wally and Kenny left Denver about 7:00 pm and drove forty hours to arrive in Pembroke, FL on Sunday evening.  How thankful I am for their safety on the road and a smooth move for Kenny and Becky.  I am thankful for family and friends who have blessed their lives.  I am thankful for this new ministry and home for Kenny and Becky.  And my heart is full of praise and thanksgiving to God, Who leads every step of the way!

Kenny flew into Denver last Wednesday.  We headed out to our house after work where Kenny collected his childhood treasures and some furniture we were passing to him.  Then we met up with Wesley at his part time job (Chikfila) and had supper!  Loved seeing my boys together again!


Thursday Wally still had to work so Kenny did some errands and they finished getting ready for the long haul.

Grandma and Grandpa came by to see Kenny off. How thankful I am for their love and support of their grandkids, and their godly influence on all our lives.


Then Wally and Kenny hit the road…hard!  They arrived in Muskogee in time to have breakfast with Wally’s Mom.  Though the boys did not take a picture of Kenny and Grams, I am again reminded of the love of family and especially the care and prayers of grandparents.  The guys got a shower and were back on the road by 9:30.  They arrived in the mountains of Newland, NC at 1:30 am!  They ran into thick fog and freezing rain.  In the morning there was 2” inches of snow on the ground.  I’m so very thankful for their safety. 

They slept until 9:00 am and then friends arrived to help load all of Kenny and Becky’s worldly possessions into a 16’ truck.  From the many moves Wally and I made, I always remember feeling a bit humbled by the fact that all that I found of value in this world could fit inside a pile of cardboard boxes!  The packing and clean up was completed and about 5:00 they drove off the mountain to Becky’s parent’s in Spindale, NC.  Dinner and a full night of sleep followed…well, sort of.  At 5:30 in the morning they were on the road again! 

By 5:30 that evening, the caravan arrived in Pembroke Pines, FL.  It is about halfway between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.  Wally and Kenny unloaded the motorcycle and some large things in the back of the truck.  Then the new church family descended and the truck was unloaded in fifteen minutes!  And the new family also stocked the pantry and fridge for Kenny and Becky.  What a blessing!

So, the trip was fast and furious and covered with God’s many blessings!  One of which brought Wally back home to me, safe and sound!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Denver Tea Room


My Mom, sisters and I tried a new spot for our Christmas tea this year.  It is The Denver Tea Room in downtown and they are housed in the Holiday Chalet Bed and Breakfast.  It was fun going somewhere new and even better because we were not disappointed.  We were in a room to ourselves and had a great time.  To begin with they bring out a “sniffing” tray of all their teas…you can take a little sniff and see what you might like.  We each had a pot that they kept refilled and hot!  I chose a tea called black currant and it was so-o good.  Jo chose vanilla cinnamon and it was a close second on how good it was.  My Mom had a chocolate mint and Robin went with peach!  The food was delish also…we had lemon curd for our scones and I had not had that in awhile!  Yummy!

Here’s Jo having a “sniff”~


Here we are, Robin, JoEllen, Sherry and Mom~


Jo, working those ornery sugar thongs~


Our time together was truly a gift.  The Christmas stuff behind us and the New Year before us…we were just relaxed and unhurried.  It was an encouraging time of just sharing where we were struggling and some spiritual desires and goals we had. 



The B&B had a little vintage boutique and we enjoyed trying on the jewelry and hats…feathers seemed to be the thing in hats and even a bird’s nest or two!  so, “Sister’s of a feather, flock together!”


Saturday, January 5, 2013

How to Fix the Perfect Cup of Tea

When my girls were here over Christmas, we went to Mrs. B’s Tea house in Littleton for Tea.  Andrea and I have had tea together many times.  This was Becky’s first time.


Elaine had her first tea when she came to Colorado as a new born. It was a Christmas Tea with my Mom, sisters, Andrea and I.  She mostly slept through that.  When she was about four months old, I visited Andrea and Elaine in Virginia Beach we went for tea at a very nice English tea room.  She was a little more awake at this tea and very much interested.

The English Rose Tea Room, VA Bch., VA

The English Rose Tea Room, VA Bch., VA

Since then Elaine has been practicing her tea skills by sipping tea with Mommy and having many bathtub tea parties with Nolan. So she was all set for our tea party at Mrs. B’s.  She knew just how to make the perfect cup of tea…

First, help Mommy pour out…img_6368

Carefully add cream, if you likeimg_6374

Sugar, one lump or two?  Perhaps three?img_6375

Carefully stirimg_6371

Then, enjoyElaine, Tea at Mrs. B's

A sweet goes nicely with teaimg_6373

And when the tea is all gone, just be as cute as you can be!img_6379

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The New Year

Happy and Blessed 2013 to you!  Whether you are ready or not, it is here!  Usually, I am not.  But I have actually been thinking already on the fresh start to the new year and things I want/must change.  What is it about changing the page in the calendar that makes me a little more energized to do this, I do not know!  As you are perhaps planning to give 2013 a makeover from 2012, I hope you have considered your spiritual life as well.  I used to have a Pastor who challenged us each year and encouraged us to be in God’s Word each day.  One year he gave us a planning sheet to fill out that incorporated all areas of life and I still look at that.  I truly miss his admonition to be in God’s Word each day, and yes, even to consider reading the Bible through in a year.  My sluggish heart needs accountability!

I did actually read through the entire Bible a couple of times and it was such a blessing!  I want to repeat it but I often feel defeated before I start since eight months of the year I am in Bible Study Fellowship and it is hard to do both in a meaningful way.  But this year I going to try again and I have a different plan to follow. 


Last fall I bought a daily devotional book called Sitting at the Feet of Jesus by Joanna Weaver.  I have read her book Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World and it is one of the most practical books on Christian living I have ever read. She has two other books, and I am in the middle of the one and hope to read the third this summer, Having a Mary Spirit, and Lazarus Awakening.  I gave Sitting at the Feet of Jesus to my daughters for Christmas this year.  In the back of the book is a Bible reading schedule for the year and the one I am going to use this year. This plan looks very doable. It is just a couple chapters a day, you rotate between the Old and New Testaments,  and read  in the Psalms and Proverbs  each day, which I love. If you are interested, Joanna Weaver has a Facebook page and a blog, Becoming His. She is going to journal her Bible reading this year on her blog. You can go here to download your own Bible reading schedule…you can customize it to start on any day or in any book of the Bible. So I hope you join me.


For Christmas this year Andrea gave each of us a Bible Reading Journal and I love it. It may have to be a yearly gift…hint, hint!  At the bottom of each page is a verse from Psalm 119.  In the back she added a Prayer Request section, a tracker for checking off each Book/chapter of the Bible and a Daily Reading Tracker, that just kind of gives you a visible accountability to how you are doing.  I know I am going to both use and enjoy this!





At the front of the devotional book is a prayer that I just love and want to make it my own.  I truly want to reach the end of 2013 a changed woman because I am in God’s presence each day!  Happy New Year!

Lord Jesus I give You my life.
I invite You to have Your way in me.
Take me and break me.  Shake me and make me.
Fill me and spill me.  Change me and rearrange me.
But whatever You do, Lord, don’t leave me the same.
Spirit of wisdom and revelation, I welcome Your work.
Open my eyes so I can see…my ears so I can hear…
I choose truth over comfort, challenge over complacency.
Lord, make me forever Yours.
And most of all, make me like You.


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