Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Special Moments and Special Cards

I wanted to share a card I received from a special group of women.  I have been privileged to be part of the leadership circle for the Denver Evening Women’s Bible Study Fellowship class.  At the time of Pop’s home going, we were preparing for our class workshop to train our leaders for the new year’s study. Well, I ended up missing the workshop. And when we returned home there was a very nice card in the mail.  I loved it for two reasons; it was handcrafted and it was signed by all the leaders!  I know that behind each name was a caring heart and prayers! 

img_1674Debbie, our Children’s Supervisor, made the card.  We have discovered we both like card making and scrapbooking!

img_1675A picture of love!

You may have heard in the news about a Chaplain who was recently killed in Afghanistan.   It received a bit of attention since he is the first Chaplain killed in action since the Viet Nam Era. Wally and I had attended church with his parents quite a few years ago.  But Chaplain Dale Goetz, Jr. was also on our present church’s prayer list.  We rotate a military person each week to pray for.  Wally attended his funeral service last Thursday.  Here is a link to an article written about Dale’ life  if you are interested.

Sympathy cards are a challenge whether you buy them or make them.  I think it is because the message is often so wishy-washy!  I am trying to either print scripture on the computer or find stamps that will give some meaningful comfort.  I made these for my Mother-in-law and the Goetz family.

img_1662img_1663 img_1665


Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Do you know what potpourri is?  It is a mixture of dried flowers and fragrant plants mixed together that gives off a fragrant aroma.  Well this post is my potpourri of our time in Oklahoma. Our family had gathered together to say goodbye to our Pop and Gramps, yet there were many sweet moments together,  just as fragrant as any basket of potpourri.

Gramps' Funeral

Gramps' Funeral

This gathering was after the afternoon after the Memorial Service.  Grams asked Lewis to read some of the cards that people filled out, sharing some memory of Gramps.  Of course it spurred a few funny family stories.

Gramps' Funeral Uncle Lewis and Elaine

Gramps' FuneralCheerios time with Grandpa 

Gramps' Funeral Kenny, Elaine, Wes and Ben   Gramps' Funeral

Kaylah and Elaine

Gramps' Funeral

Whitney and Elaine


Gramps' FuneralGrams and Elaine…love this!

Gramps' Funeral Bunny and Elaine.  She had been up since 2:30 am to travel from New York and had only a few cat naps.  Finally she crashed!

Did you notice all of the above pictures had something in common? That’s right, that sweet baby girl, Elaine!  I didn’t get to hold her as much on this quick visit but I enjoyed watching the other family members get to know her.  It was kind of a silver lining to the occasion!

Gramps' Funeral Kaylah, Andrea, Wesley, Nicole

Gramps' Funeral Andrea and Gramsie had a precious visit

Gramps' Funeral Cousins and a friend, Lauren Hendrickson

Gramps' Funeral

Gramps' Funeral  Sequence, Phase 10 and Rook…not for the faint of heart!

Gramps' Funeral        I should have gotten in on this!

Gramps' Funeral

Grandkids being goofy… and Grams wants out!

Gramps' Funeral

We left Monday morning for home. Over the years we have made a lot of visits to Mom and Pop, Grams and Gramps.  Whenever we piled into the car and turned to give a last wave, there was Mom and Pop, waving and Mom choking back the tears.  It kind of caught me off guard as I got into the truck Monday and turned back to wave, and there stood Mom,  now alone, giving the wave!  Our family has changed.  I know there will be many of those moments in the future.  Some will be more difficult than others, but God will be there with us, strengthening, and comforting us until we all are reunited in Eternity!


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