Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Flings

As surely as the tulips and daffodils arrive, so do the graduation and wedding announcements.  Both are fun and exciting to receive.  In the past three weeks I have bought three Bridal shower gifts…boom, boom, boom!   Of course one of those, today, is for my future daughter-in-law, Becky.  Here’s a little something I like to make for the shower…it’s pretty cute.  I got the idea from my own bridal shower---years ago---and have repeated it many times throughout the years.  Feel free to borrow the idea, as long  as you aren’t attending the same shower I am!  Smile




A couple of things that have changed since I was getting married…waffle weave dishcloths were pretty common and came in lots of colors.  I usually only find them at Wal mart now and usually in green.  I did find some in red that I made for Becky…red is Kenny’s favorite color.  I think I forgot to take a picture of hers though! Sad smile

Two cards I made:

Looking at this now I realize the birdies have no eyes!  I hope I put some on before I gave the card!  Oh Bother!

This is Becky’s card, outside and in…

For one shower, I didn’t make it and I just went the gift card route.  But I jazzed it up in a gift card holder and gift bag.  I think one of the best buys I made was the Sizzix die for a gift card holder.  I use it a lot!

I really like how this card came out

And so far I have only given out one Graduation card…I really liked it also!

Enjoy what Spring flings your way!

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