Monday, April 26, 2010

A Card Challenge

I browse around on different blogs to look at all the ideas out there for using the Cricut machine and cards or scrapbook ideas.  (Let me tell you, there is another world out there once you start looking!) Anyway I have enjoyed looking at a blog, Made by Momo. She has a card challenge going on right now and I decided to give it a try.  It is her first challenge to give and my first challenge to do!  We were to create a card with an animal, either cut from the Cricut or stamped.  I used the Camp Out cartridge to do mine. 

(I think I’m going to give it to Wes for his Birthday card, so if you see him don’t say anything!!)

I have enjoyed Momo’s blog.  I think what I like is that her ideas are simple enough to accomplish without a lot of extra tools and supplies.  But they look so great! She has a segment called “Friday Faves”.  Each Friday she gathers her favorite paper crafting ideas that she has found and posts a video.  My brag book for Elaine came from there.  There are a couple of other ideas that I yet want to do from that segment.  So thank you Momo.  I have been learning a lot from you!

Thursday, April 22, 2010



In Colorado we have it all.  And on days like today, we have it all in one day: sun, rain, tornados and hail! And two feet of snow in the mountains! 

But after the storm passes…

….the birds were singing and back in the feeder.  

Said the robin to the sparrow,

“I would really like to know,

Why these anxious human beings

Rush about and worry so.”

Said the sparrow to the robin

“Friend , I think that it must be

They have no Heavenly Father

cares for you and me.”

Cards…Again :)

I had a few opportunities to send out some cards this week, Birthdays, Encouragement, Thank You, and even a Get Well!



                             Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Scrappy Days

Getting together with Andrea always includes scrapbooking!Having Elaine around only makes that more interesting.  She enjoyed the paper!

Spring Break with Elaine Spring Break with Elaine Spring Break with Elaine Spring Break with Elaine

You Know you’re over the hill when the only whistle you hear is from a tea kettle!

I received a phone call yesterday from a woman inviting me to tea! She said that lunch had been taken care of and could I come at noon!?  I looked up to see a smile on Andrea’s face!  She had helped Dad come up with the idea and Wally called to make the arrangements. He wanted to do something for me.  I think he must be missing me!  The next call I got was from Wally saying have fun and take lots of pictures.  So we did….



The Lord is Risen…He is Risen Indeed!

This year Wally and I were apart for Easter.  We traditionally take a photo in front of our church.  He promised me he would take one with Wes even thought I am not there.  This year I took a photo in front of Ben and Andrea’s church with Elaine.  The trees were all beautifully in bloom! And so was Elaine’s smile! Easter Easter



Easter The Godby GirlsEaster

Andrea made a delicious meal.  She put a pork roast in the crock pot.  A customer of Ben’s had given him some home-canned chutney sauce that the roast was marinated in and then we had it on the side.  De-lish!!  Ben made apple crisp for dessert. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Friendship lives inside your heart, Friends together, Friends apart!

Andrea, Elaine and I drove up the DC area to meet some special friends for lunch.  We met at the UNO Chicago Grill.
Visit with Frances Allen and Kathy Huryk Frances Allen, Sherry and Kathy Huryk

Frances and I had not seen each other for 27 years!  We have exchanged Christmas cards and would always write in our letter, “if you’re ever in the area would love to see you again!”  So when I planned my visit to Andrea, I planned to see both Frances and Kathy.  I know Don and Frances went to our church in England and I always remember her for bringing Wally and I a meal after Andrea was born.  Frances reminded me that she also used to pick me up and bring me to a ladies Bible Study that met on base.  She and I lived many miles from the base in the English countryside.  It was fun to catch up and visit again.  Visit with Frances Allen and Kathy Huryk

Visit with Frances Allen and Kathy Huryk

Kathy and I have done better at getting together over the years.  We were neighbors many years ago.  Definitely the “back door friend” kind!  I remember another neighbor telling me about Kathy when I shared we were homeschooling.  So was Kathy. I went down the street and knocked on her door and we have been good friends ever since!  She has shared her love of gardening and of the Lord with me, among many other things. 

After lunch on Friday, Kath took the time to show Andrea and I around the IKEA store.  What a fun place that store is.  Can hardly wait until the one opens in Colorado next year!


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