Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thankful Thursday

“For lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone.  The flowers appear on the earth;  the time of singing has come.”  Song of Solomon 2:11-12

I have had a lot of flowers around the house the past week so I thought, what a nice thing to be thankful for!  Wesley is a contract driver for a florist here in Denver.  It has been a good job.  For the Holidays, they are always looking for extra drivers.  In fact Wes got his job because Wally used to work the holidays.  Wally has held a record for the most flowers delivered in the shortest amount of time….until this past Saturday!  Wes has brought in his friends each holiday, who are working their way through college, to make some extra money. Anyway, having a flower delivery person in the house, we often have flowers, especially around the hectic holidays---bad orders, bad addresses, re-deliveries.  The week before Mother’s Day, I had a nice bouquet to enjoy for one of those reasons.  And they just kept coming. Monday after Mother’s Day there were three beautiful bouquets in my house.  I came home from BSF Monday night to a very fragrant house!  It was a little overwhelming to me though.  So on Tuesday it was kind of fun to knock on the door of some of my neighbors and share a vase full of flowers…who doesn’t like to get them?  And I gave one to my Mom.  On Saturday Wes had called me into the room and gave me this…

Aren’t they beautiful?

A five gallon bucket full of roses!!  (Love the vase!!)  These roses are the ones that could not be used to fill orders. They were going to be disposed of.  So Wesley and his two friends gathered them up to take home to “Mom” ! 

Outside the flowers are abundant too!  This past week I noticed the lilacs are all beginning to open.  My bush is finally covered in blossoms and fragrance.  And all of a sudden I have irises opening, and my flax is blooming (I love that little flower)!  My columbines seem to be be loaded with buds also!  It’s so wonderful!  I really do enjoy flowers!  Only trouble is, tonight, we have snow falling and the temps are dropping…and my lilac bush is kind of droopy.  Here’s hoping they can shake it off and pop back in the next day or so! 

“Earth laughs in flowers”—Ralph Waldo Emerson

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