Monday, June 14, 2010

This One was for Wally

So, we have seen Bar Harbor and Acadia by land, and by sea so why not by air!  Wally really wanted to take this biplane tour…totally out of my comfort zone.  But in a marriage one has to make little concessions for one another, right??  Even though I would not have chosen to do this, it was quite a perspective on the area.  And the pilot told Wally he could not do any loops or turns so that made me feel better!

Of course we needed a shot of the plane near a field of lupine!

The Miss Charlotte

One of the coves

Part of Bar Harbor

A sail boat…maybe that was what we looked like the day before!

Here are two lighthouses.  The top picture is the Petit Manan light house.  It is the second tallest lighthouse in Maine.  The bottom picture is the Egg Rock Lighthouse.

I thought the tide would surely cover the island over at high tide.  But Wally said the water was actually stable here at sea level.  Most of the lighthouses are on islands and only accessible by boat. The coast guard has sold or leased them to private owners as it has become so expensive for them to maintain.  Many are still are kept in working condition.

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