Monday, June 7, 2010

Lobster by Campfire!

One of the perks of our campground is the owner catches fresh lobster every day…we just had to place our order.  He would cook them too but we decided to do it ourselves.  I even had a pot large enough to cook them in.  They were absolutely delish! What we need to work on is baking potatoes in the fire.  I mistook the hard part of the potato for not being done rather than it was very done!  But not too bad!


Last moments of life for these guys!

Hmm- hmm! Real good eating!!

That night we woke to a lot of thunder and pouring rain.  It did not let up much in the morning so we found ourselves packing the camper up in the rain…kind of miserable. 

After leaving Boothbay Harbor we backtracked a bit to go to Freeport where LL Bean and all the outlet stores are located.  We had hoped to stop there on the way up but because of the traffic issues, we did not have time.  We didn’t really have time this day either, because that place was big!

We had a few camper issues to deal with on the way up to Bar Harbor.  Kenny via phone and his computer helped us find a store that ended up being right on the road where we  turned for Bar Harbor.  (Thank You, Lord and Kenny)

We had one more hurdle once we arrived in Bar Harbor.  Let’s just say our campground was not what we were expecting and there was no attendant available. Wally had the repairs to make to our camper and it was raining again.  We went ahead and set up with the plan of moving the next day.  Without going into all the details, we moved the next day to a very nice campground, and the first campground did refund our money.  Again, thank you Lord!  Now the fun and rest can begin!!



Andrea said...

Mmmmmm. Those look great! When Dad said you had lobseter I didn't realize you did it by campfire!

Marie said...

I love all the photgraphs Sherry! What kind of camera do you use? It was fun reading these posts and seeing your "grown up" family. You are blessed indeed.
PS You should have a follower link so we can know when you update your blog...


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