Monday, June 28, 2010

Firecrackers and Father’s Day

I was just outside and heard someone firing off their firecrackers.  Now what does that have to do with Father’s Day?  Nothing really.  I was just thinking, they are getting in the spirit a week early, and I am getting in the spirit for Father’s Day a week late.  Not getting in the spirit really, we had a very nice Father’s Day.  I’m  just now getting around to sharing about it.

It’s kind of tradition that we get together each year and everyone brings their own steaks.  This year was different in that due to Mom recovering from her eye surgery we had dinner over at our house.  Also Robin had to work….arrgh! And I think this is the first year that Wally did not have at least one of his kids home to share in the celebration. 


Dads of the Day…Terry, Wally, Scott and my Dad


My Dad whom I love very much!


The Dad of my kids, whom I also love very much!


Wally does not usually get into opening gifts.  He’s smiling here because as soon as he picked up my gift he said, “it’s an atlas!”  And it was!! How did he know?  It’s not like that is a popular gift or that he wanted one.  I was flabbergasted.  He was pretty pleased with himself!


It wasn’t just an atlas!


Does this even look comfortable?  Well at least he got his nap!


Half of us kids…Sherry. Robin, Scott…with Dad and Mom


My sister Robin with half of her kids…Nathan and Aaron and their Dad, Terry.  It was nice getting to visit with Nate and Aaron a little more than at other get-togethers.   After all they were the only kids there that day!

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