Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Road Trip with Some Twists….

On Thursday we hit the road early again.  Sometimes the time change works in our favor…Our clocks said 8:00 am and that was doable to me after our late night arrival.  But it was really 7:00 am!  We gained an hour just like that!  The plan for the day was to drive to Knoxville, TN by about lunch time.  We planned to meet up with Kenny and his girlfriend, Becky.We were going to do lunch together but they had eaten and we had snacked to death.  So we just hit a Starbucks and kept on moving.  We were all heading to Arkansas for a Godby get-together, with a stopover at the Bill Rice Ranch to see Wesley!Bill Rice Ranch with Wesley

This is Wesley’s third summer as a teen counselor at the Ranch.  I really wanted to stop in for look at the place where he loves to go each summer.  He is thinking this is the direction where the Lord is leading him…working with youth and perhaps through camp ministry. 

We had supper together and then attended a service afterwards.  It was very refreshing to me after being on the road so long and church attendance was hit and miss.  The singing was great…BSF is the only other place I know that sings all the verses and up to tempo!  The speaker was Chris Miller and his challenge was on “A Passion for the Presence of God”.  Just about the entire audience was the summer staff and although it was a challenge to them to determine now, not to go through the summer without the presence of God, it was very encouraging to me also.  After the service Wes took us to Cowboy Town where he spends most of his time in the afternoons as a referee for the different games.  They were having a special on milkshakes, only a dollar and a lengthy wait in line!  :)

Bill Rice Ranch with Wesley

Wesley and Kenny, handsome young men…like their Dad…minus the young part :)

Bill Rice Ranch with Wesley

Wesley, Kenny and Becky..when Wes was at Ambassador he would drive an hour to help in a small church in SC.  Becky and another gal (Stephanie) went also.  Becky played the piano and has continued to do so this past year.Bill Rice Ranch with Wesley

Had to do another picture since Becky was turned away in the last one!

Friday morning we left very early again..5:30 and without a time change to convince my brain otherwise!  We had a four hour drive to Memphis where we picked Andrea and Elaine up at the airport.  We flew them in for the Godby get- together as Wally’s folks had never met Elaine.  After collecting Andrea and Elaine, we regrouped with Kenny and Becky and had breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

Godby Reunion in Arkansas

This is what kept Wally motivated to keep on driving…seeing Elaine again.  She is now seven months old!

Godby Reunion in Arkansas

Elaine with a coffee creamer cup!

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Andrea said...

I love all of these pictures...some of my favorite people. Y'all did a lot of driving and were very tired, but your effort was so much appreciated, at least by my little family. Until November...


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