Thursday, June 3, 2010

Moving Day…from Virginia Beach

We packed Ben, Andrea, and Elaine up on Monday, Memorial Day and in 95 degree heat…plus humidity.  (I really don’t like hot.)  When Ben and Andrea picked up their Penske truck, Andrea became a bit nervous because she thought it was too small.  She forgot her Dad was the “master packer”!  After all Wally had worked at UPS and we had four long distance moves ourselves when Wally was in the Air Force. 

The Master and his apprentice

Elaine was so sweet while we worked…here she is in the empty apartment!

We finished packing and cleaning the apartment by 4:00 and then we headed to the beach for a little cool off. 

Beach Baby!


The ocean is always an unbelievable sight!  I am always amazed by the waves rolling in and out and the fact that I cannot see its beginning or end!  Yet I know God has measured its depths with His hand!  He has set the boundary that the waves may not pass over it.  The tide is His design.  Truly awesome thoughts!

But I’m glad I live in Colorado!!

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