Monday, June 7, 2010

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

On Thursday morning we awoke in Brooklyn to the sounds of foghorns from the ships out on the ocean.  It was getting a bit foggy when we left church the night before.  That night I would fall asleep in Boothbay Harbor, Maine listening to the foghorns there also!

We were up early to get on the road to Maine.  We had to backtrack into New Jersey and pick up up our camper.  Wally had planned our route to try to avoid NY rush hour traffic.  Well, we may have gone around the city traffic but there was traffic everywhere we went.  It seemed we sat in line after line of traffic most of the day.

We travelled through New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and finally Maine.  Again lots of tolls.  In New Jersey one toll was 5.00 for the truck and 6.50 for the camper! Up in New Hampshire and Maine it was 1.00 for the truck and another fifty cents for the camper! Does that make sense?


Maine was very pretty.  Wild lupine grew everywhere along the roadsides, meadows, yards…wherever there was some available dirt.  It was beautiful!


The drive through the towns was very scenic.  The homes  and yards were so clean and well cared for.  Boothbay Harbor was the same.  I wish I were a better photographer to catch all the beauty we saw. This harbor town dates back to 1889. I’m not sure of everything that goes on out there on the water but there were definitely a lot of “ lobstering” going on!

This is the little boat house belonging to our campground host.  All the colored buoys are for marking the lobster pots.

The fog lifting across the harbor from our campground.

Some of the rock along the coastline.  They look black but are covered with seaweed that has dried out over them.

Our camper all set up for the first time.

Poor Wally was just exhausted from the drive and loading/unloading Ben and Andrea.  It all caught up to him and he began to get sick.  Our first day in Boothbay he slept a lot.  In the afternoon we ventured into the town on the motorcycle for a look around.  It was in Boothbay that I had the very best bowl of clam chowder ever! It was loaded with clams, not potatoes!


While we had our lunch, we watched men collect, stack, and rearrange these lobster traps out on the harbor.

I just thought these were pretty shots of a sailboat and dock.

Some more lupine!

This is a swing bridge.  When a boat needs to cross, the bridge swings away from the road to let it by.

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Andrea said...

Some pretty pictures...wish I could be there!


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