Monday, June 14, 2010

Acadia by Carriage

Tuesday was our most relaxed and enjoyable day in Bar Harbor.  We started with a great breakfast of blueberry pancakes…and I mean loaded with blueberries.  The blueberries grow wild all over this part of Maine.  We were told our campground  fills up in mid July with people there just to pick the blueberries.  In fact right on our campground are 15 acres of wild blueberries.

After breakfast we headed back to Arcadia park and took the bridges tour along Rockefeller’s carriage roads.  There were seventeen bridges Rockefeller built along the fifty miles of protected roads.  One bridge was a replica of a bridge in Central Park where JD had proposed to Abigail.  It was really quite pretty driving through the woods.

So Wally is laughing here because we were trying to get a picture next to the horses. Mac, the black Percheron, did not seem to like him.  He kept backing away from us!

The Gate House…and the gates.  Wally and I were the gate keepers for the day.  But back in “the day” a bell hung out by the gate and when a rider came by, they would ring the bell and the gate keeper came out to open and close the gates.  For that service, the gatekeeper got to live in this house!


This is Jordan Pond from the top.  Here is where the replica of the bridge from Central Park was located.  I just didn’t get a very good pic of it.

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