Friday, June 4, 2010

A New York Morning

Elaine was a bit mixed up on time I guess.  She woke up in the night and I do remember hearing her.  I thought Andrea was just having a tough time getting her back to sleep.  I guess she was because Elaine was wide awake and not wanting to sleep, but to play! So Ben and Andrea got up and did some unpacking in the kitchen and rearranging what had been unpacked until Elaine was ready to sleep. i did not hear any of that going on. 

I remember waking up around 6:00 and thinking how very quiet  it is  outside.  I though everyone would be up and rushing about already. Wally heard Elaine and went to get her up, thinking we were letting Ben and Andrea sleep in. Then of course when she got a bit fussy, he handed her off to me and went back to sleep.  I’m pretty sure that’s what he did when our kiddos were babies! 

One thing I really wanted to do was go for a bagel in NY.  So we put Elaine in the pram and took a walk around the block to Steve’s Bagels.  I think I really could learn to like living in NYC!

Mmm, so good! Its the water, you know!

Well when we got back to the apartment, there was plenty to do! One thing that just would not make it up the steps was the box springs.  So Ben took it apart enough to get some flex, then reassembled it upstairs!

That night we went to church at Beth-el Baptist church in Sheeps Head Bay.  The Ambassador Quartet was there that night so Ben and Andrea got to visit with friends, new and old.  Then home and bed.  Wally and I are heading out to Maine in the morning.


Diapers needed washing so Andrea got to try out her washing machine and clothes line, accessed through the kitchen window! 




Not the cloth diaper I remember, these are “fuzzy buns”

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Andrea said...

Maybe you could learn to like NYC, but I don't think Dad can! Good thing you can come visit, and then go back to the beautiful mountains. Great pictures, and we really appreciated your help!


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