Monday, June 4, 2012

Zoo Day

Looking back, it was not using good judgment to go the zoo the day after the kids arrived.  They needed another day to adjust to the time change.  But it was an easy day for Wally and I to take off so that’s what we did. 

img_4832Elaine put her lip gloss on while sitting her car seat…she was all ready to go! 

It was a pretty miserable zoo experience actually.  First, it was just hot and the animals knew it.  I think they were all hiding out in some unseen shady spot.  Second,  every school in Denver  must have been trying to squeeze in a last field trip, it was so crowded!  I think I’ve been around long enough to know kids are pushy and rowdy and you overlook a lot of bad behavior.  But honestly, I was never around such rude children.  I do not recall one Mom, one teacher or helper ever once stopping the disorderly kids and asking them to say “excuse me” or “you need to wait”.  I think there’s a sad commentary in there on how our culture has deteriorated…but this post is about grand kids!

All Elaine wanted to see were the giraffes, lions and elephants.  Of course the lions were no where to be seen.  The elephants were not on display because they were getting moved to their new exhibit, not open to the public until June.  That left the giraffes.


Across from the giraffes, a peacock was putting on quite a show. I had never seen one strut around like this before.




We ducked into Tropical Discovery where the kids could get up close and see better. Nolan & Elaine at the Denver Zoo

I thought the Manta Ray was pretty interesting and activeNolan & Elaine at the Denver Zoo



Elaine and Nolan didn’t mind the reptiles, to Grandpa’s delightNolan & Elaine at the Denver Zoo

As we left Tropical Discovery, there was a vendor selling stuffed animals and I thought for sure they’d be $15.00 or more, but no, only $5.00!  So I asked Elaine if she wanted a monkey…the kind that Velcro around your neck and waist.  She chose one and we picked out a nice green snake for Nolan.  He seemed to like it too.  Well on the way out of the zoo, Elaine fell in love with Nolan’s snake.  At the entrance to the zoo Grandpa and I ducked inside the main gift shop to find another snake.  This gift shop had only expensive critters for sale and no $5.00 snakes anywhere!  But we found a cute little giraffe and was sure Elaine would love it.  I waited in line and paid for it.  Then when I came out and presented the cute, soft, cuddly giraffe to Elaine, her reply was  “where my ‘nake?”  What was a grandma to do?  Of course, we returned the giraffe and I ran clear back across the zoo to buy her a purple ‘nake! 

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Robin said...

What a good grandma!!! :)


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