Friday, June 8, 2012

Garden Delights

How fun it is to have someone to share in your gardening adventures.  Especially if that someone is your cute little granddaughter!  I bought her a little shovel and rake out of the dollar bin and one day while Nolan was down for his nap, Elaine helped me plant some flowers.




Elaine doesn’t really like to get dirty.  She likes clean hands.  So I dug a bunch of holes and had her put little scoops of compost in them for me…Here she is putting in her little scoops…very little scoops.  More like a like a teaspoon or less!  Only the toes are getting dirty!


Andrea showed Elaine how to water, she liked that.  The plants got a lot more water than compost…a whole lot more!



Here’s a cute story from the garden bed.  Andrea had gone into the office and Wally came along.  We have a bathroom outside near the garage for the contractors to use.  Elaine saw “Pa” go in.  I am around the front working with my back to Elaine.  She kept saying “I yucky”.  I said, “I know we will go clean up when we are done.”  She would say again “ I yucky”.    Then she announced she had “to go potty”.  So I told her to run tell Mommy in the office.  I literally turned around and there was Elaine’s pile of clothes, but no Elaine.  Reminded me of the scene from The Wizard of Oz,  the witch just disappeared with nothing left but her hat! She ran clear around the front of the clubhouse, stark naked!  By the time I rounded the corner, she was just meeting up with Grandpa, a very shocked look on his face as he came out of the bathroom and Elaine ran in! I sure am missing that little girl!

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Leah@HomeandHeartstrings said...

Haha!!! That made me are so funny. Charity is in the same innocent age where there is no is actually kind of cute when we're in a public washroom and she says loudly and dramatically, "We DON'T pee in our panties!! NO!!!" I can just picture Elaine streaking along...such a cute story!


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