Monday, June 4, 2012

Marvelous Monday

Welcome to  Marvelous Monday…it is when you didn’t get around to posting your Thankful Thursday post but really wanted to!  I have several creative  ways to explain away my failures.  The biggest reason however, is that I usually blog at night when I have time and my mind is tired by then.  All I end up with are half written blogs that I never get posted. 

About two weeks ago Andrea and the kids came for a visit. It was great having them here and seeing all the antics of what happens in their days, rather than just hearing about it.  Little ones do require a lot of energy and I admit to being tired!  But its worth it all!  I am so thankful to be a grandma!  Let me share a little of how great that truly is!

Here we are on the train at DIA after meeting Andrea and the kids.  Wes went with me to the airport.  I feel like we have some familiarity with Elaine as we Skype quite a bit.  But Nolan is a new critter for us to get to know and enjoy. Usually on Skype he is busy trying to eat the computer mouse so he doesn’t pay particular attention to us. 

Elaine & Nolan arrive at DIA

Arriving home, we went for a stroll across the street.  I was needing a photo of “grass” for my May photo challenge and thought New York cuties who don’t see much grass would be fun.

Nolan & Elaine at the Polo Club    Nolan & Elaine at the Polo Club

Nolan & Elaine at the Polo Club

That night we took Andrea to Yolanda’s Tacos…on her request list of places to eat while home.  Then we went to watch Wesley’s indoor soccer game.

img_4822I have always hated to watch Wes play goalie…too nerve racking for me.  Luckily I had some distractions this time….although he did do a good job!


Can you believe it that when we got home, we took a swim? It must have been 11:00 NY time…



And so day one ended.  But it was followed by several days of cuteness so hang on!

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