Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father’s Day 2012

It is pretty much engraved in cement around here that on Father's Day we go to Dad’s house and grill steaks.  Mother’s Day is frequently up in the air, but Father’s Day we all head to Dad’s house.  Boy was it hot this year! Dad kept asking what the thermometer was reading as it crept up to 94, 95…does it even matter past 90?  It is just hot!  We had to move the grill further away from the patio to avoid the extra heat it put out.  After the grilling and consuming was complete we pulled out the cameras!  Everyone’s favorite part…okay, I know, it is just Robin, Mom and I.  Although now that Scott has a digital camera he gets in on the act too.

I usually take a picture of all the Dads…my Dad, Wally, Scott and Terry.  But just as were starting to relax, Terry, my brother-in-law, pulled out a lounge chair.  He half unfolded it and I think he thought as he pushed back the rest would unfold.  But it did not and he slammed the patio pretty hard.  So he is missing in all the photos.  (I’m glad he got to eat first!)

Here is Dad and Mom with the Colorado Grand kids. Back row; Dad and the two babies, Wesley and Nathan, Nicole, Kyle and Mom. Aaron and Krista took seats up frontFathers Day 2012

It seems that at most family get togethers Kyle ad Krista blow in and out kind of fast.  So It was nice to get a photo of them together, even if Kyle would not take off his sunglasses!  Pretty nice too!Kyle and Krista

And here are the Solomon boys, Kyle, Aaron and Nathan.  Brian the oldest is missing.  Robin is very blessed to have three of her four kids nearby.  Accept that all the grandkids live with Brian in Ohio.img_5141

This is Scott and Nicole.  He was missing half of his kids, Michael lives in Wyoming.img_5136

Wally has 1/3 of his kids this year for Father’s Day, Wesley.Sherry Wes Wally Fathers Day 2012

Tired of family pictures yet?  Sorry, I have a couple more.  I guess that is why the kids all groan when the cameras come out.  I kind of feel like Anne Shirley in Anne of Greene Gables…”if you only knew how many pictures I wanted to share, and didn’t!”

Mom, Robin, Scott, Dad and I.  Half of the kids present for our Dad!img_5168

Me and Dadimg_5158

So you survived…until the next family get together!

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Loved the pics!


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