Monday, June 11, 2012

Washington Park

There are some things I like about living in Denver.  I really love to drive the side streets and enjoy the old neighborhoods.  Whether wealthy or simple homes, most of the people seem to take pride in the care of their yards.  They are very picturesque to me.  I am also enjoying being near Washington Park…it’s just a couple miles from the Polo Club.  I have not really been to the park for years and I forgot how pretty it is.  I have a memory of taking the kids there when we all had roller blades.  I remember skating from bench to bench because my legs hurt so bad!  On Mother’s Day Wally and I took a walk around it, well just a part of it, it really is pretty big!  They are just getting the gardens in for the summer and I am looking forward to visiting the park a little more often.  Then when Andrea was here we took the kids over one afternoon to play.

I do not know what kind of trees these are. They were quite tall and loaded with blossoms. Very beautiful, even with many of the small flowers covering the walk and grass below.






We played on the swings, of course.  You can kind of see Nolan’s smile peeking out behind his paci!  And the slides… I was surprised how quickly Elaine climbed the chain ladder.  Andrea said she loves it at their park. 




There’s no smile peeking out here, but I’m sure he was having a good time!  Fun afternoon! 

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