Saturday, June 16, 2012


Andrea and the kids have been gone about three weeks now…I can hardly believe it.  I am still relishing in the memories and thinking it was just yesterday!  But alas, they are gone.  I have the pictures to prove it…


There may be smiles on those faces, but I happen to know the true feeling was dread.  Andrea had a long day of travel with two little ones…alone.  Wally and I would return to a very quiet, lonely house and start missing the grand kids!

img_5029Elaine, Betsy and Pa!

      img_5042               img_5041

Elaine walked Betsy around to get rid of her wiggles before boarding!



    img_5045  img_5038

Nolan chewed on my camera bag.  I don’t think it helped in any way before boarding the plane.


So now it is back to Skype, email, and Facebook for these grandparents… until October!

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