Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Random Acts of Cute!

Here’s just some snaps of the kids being cute while they were here.  If you read Andrea's blog you might be seeing double.  But hey, cute is cute!


Nolan is a cutie pie.  The trouble is that he is always moving…always.  Most of my pictures of him are a blur or he has his turned and moved on already!  



Wesley being a good uncle!



Nolan with the Cell Phone


Walking the dog and resting the dog…Gypsy looks thrilled doesn’t she?




This cracks me up.  We were at the mall and I went for a coffee and Andrea headed over to Chick Fila.  As I walked toward them across the food court all I saw was Andrea and Nolan.  Then Andrea stepped aside and there was Elaine with a vanilla cone about as big as she is,  walking very carefully with her prize!  I know, you had to be there!  But I still laugh whenever I see this picture!



Elaine discovered my little make up brushes and I offered my mirror on a stand for her…she had a great time brushing away!  Nolan had a great time rummaging in the drawer for anything his little hand could wrap around.  No picture of that, but he was there!

Elaine putting on makeup      Elaine putting on makeup

Simply Beautiful!

Elaine putting on makeup

It is so true…if we had known had much fun grand kids were, we would have had them first!! 

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