Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy First Anniversary

A year ago a wonderful thing happened to our family…Kenny married his sweetheart Becky!





Happy First Anniversary!

Wow, so hard to believe it has been a whole year!  We are so happy for both of you.  It is a delight to hear how God is using you both to serve Him.  Our only regret is that we don’t get to see you often enough.  Continue growing in your love for the Lord and for each other! 

img_2496New York, Thanksgiving, 2011

We had this poem in our wedding bulletin almost 31 years ago.  I still think of it often and it is a good prayer for your marriage.

Marriage Takes Three

I once thought marriage took
Just two to make a go.
But now I'm convinced
It takes the Lord also

And not one marriage fails
Where Christ is asked to enter
As lovers come together
With Jesus at the center

In homes where Christ is first
It's obvious to see
Those unions really work
For marriage still takes three.

Peter Tanksley

img_5085Our Anniversary card for Kenny and Becky


Andrea said... nice! Happy Anniversary Kenny & Becky. Love the card, Mom!

Becky said...

Thank you :) i live the card btw, i think it even looks like us... sort of :)

Sherry said...

Thanks girls...Becky, I thought they looked like you guys too!


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