Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Are you familiar with Dave Ramsey?  He is the host of the “Dave Ramsey Show”, a radio call in program on finances.  Wally has been a fan for a long time.  Several years back we drove to OK and dropped the boys off at Wally’s folks in Muskogee.  Then we went on to OK City to see Dave’s live show.  Once we had several couple from our church over to watch some of Dave’s videos.  (They were fans of Dave also!)  For the past thirteen weeks Wally and I have been taking Dave’s class, Financial Peace University.  Last night was “graduation”.


This was our teacher Beth.  She did a great job facilitating the class.  We had drawings for completing our homework and we walked away with two great gift cards.  Last night we had a potluck as we watched our last session together. 

I am thankful we took the class.   I had wanted to do it for awhile.   I discovered that even though I am not the one with the “financial mind” I think I am the one who is more disciplined.  Dave calls that person “the nerd”! So if you have been wondering you now know…I am a nerd!  Wally is good with numbers and finances, but he is not so disciplined…Dave calls that person “the free- spirit!”  Which makes me laugh because Wally is not the party person most free spirits are!  

I am thankful for the information taught.  We covered everything from the basic budget to insurance and investing to giving.   It was a good class and motivates me to be a better steward of the money God has entrusted us with.  I am also thankful that it is over!  It’s been a long thirteen weeks.  Smile


Andrea said...

It sounds like you & Kenny have a lot in common. And Dad & Wes make a great pair. So where do I fit in???

Sherry said...

You're the head of the pack, one of a kind, cream of the crop, cherry on the sundae, need I go on?


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