Saturday, May 5, 2012

May Photo A Day-Week One

may photo a day

Here is my first week’s worth of photos.  Number one is posted here.

2. Skyline


Wally actually took this picture for me.  I wanted the Denver skyline.  He knew a good spot to get it from and went out on his motorcycle to take it.  I think he really just wanted to take a ride, but that’s ok!

3.  Something you wore today


My flip flops.  No story here.

4.  Fun!


Scrappin’ and Card Making…fun for me!

5.  Bird


Ok ducks.  But they have feathers and wings.  I was wanting to get a picture of some of the baby ducklings we have here but have not been able to see them yet.  One Mama has ten babies.  Another Mama’s eggs just hatched out today.  I think these two are yet working on the “nesting” part.

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