Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May Photo A Day-Week Two

may photo a day

Day 6.  You

img_4782Not a photo of me, but a hodge podge of things that are me

Day 7. Someone That Inspires You

img_4710That would be my Mom.  I want to follow in her example of a godly woman.

Day.8  A Smell You Adore

img_4787Be glad I took a pic of the bottle and not his neck!

Day 9.  Something You Do Everyday

img_4732Yep, feed the dog!  And when I forget, Gypsy knocks her bowl around to remind me!

Day 10.  A Favorite Word


Wally helped me with this one.   I don’t think it’s a favorite word of his…he sees it appear in the bank register too often!

Day 11.  Kitchen

img_4785Not much I can say here, except I wish I had hung the towel straight on the oven door!

1 comment:

Becky said...

I love your "You" picture, very creative! and Gypsy's expression about you taking a picture of her food is awesome! :)


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