Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Day to Shine---

That’s what I was told as we were about to greet the first arrivals at Polo Club’s annual meeting.  I’m not sure I realized that as we worked toward this night, maybe that’s a good thing!  Each month we have a board meeting, the last Tuesday of the month.  It is open for all the residents to attend but less than five have done so since we began working here.  In May the board meeting becomes the annual meeting and many of the residents turn out.  We had been cleaning for a couple weeks…partly for our spring cleaning and partly in anticipation of the annual meeting.  We did windows, blinds, scrubbed the baseboards, removed and cleaned all the vents, had the carpets cleaned and the kitchen painted.  It looked pretty good!  We ordered tables, chairs, and snacks.  Andrea was visiting and she baked chocolate chip cookies and friendship bread for me.  We were shining---

The Room



And Us!


One thing I am learning about get-togethers at the Polo Club is that the event begins early and when it is over, the people clear out pretty fast.  There is very little hanging around and chatting afterwards. So our time to shine was short but I think I’m relieved and glad it is all over.  Until next year anyway!

Our boss, Rebecca had asked me to make a “Thank You” card for the Board President who was stepping down.  I made one for the current board members to sign and one from Rebecca, Wally and I to sign.  I somehow did not get a picture of the second card.


The paper was a little shiny so here is a different angle. 


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