Saturday, May 26, 2012

May Photo A Day-Week Three

may photo a day

13.  Mom

img_4712I love thinking of all the ways these hands have loved, served, helped and folded in prayer

14. Grass

img_4821Elaine and Nolan their first afternoon at Grandma’s house

15.  Love

img_4639Two loves for me here; digging in the dirt and doing it with Elaine!

16.  What You’re Reading

img_5009My Bible Study for the summer

17.  Snack

img_4903It didn’t take long for Gypsy to discover there were good things under Nolan’s chair

18.  Something You made

img_4942Cards…surprised?  They were for some special ladies at BSF

19.  A Favorite Place

img_4647Starbucks…again, surprised?  I don’t really care for the mermaid but love the coffee!

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