Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Photo a Day-Week Four


may photo a day

19.  A Favorite Place

img_5082Surprise, Surprise, it’s my scrappin’ room!

20.  Something You Can’t Live Without

img_5051At first I thought of this flippantly, like chocolate or coffee; then a bit seriously, family, my kids, friends. Then I thought,  “well really no matter what losses I may have in life, like family or friends, it will only be God’s Word that enables me to live through that loss”.  I have been reading  in Psalm 119 recently which all about God’s Word.  I know that God’s Word will last forever, even out living faith and love.

21.  Where You Stand

img_5083 Just my feet on some carpet.

22.  Pink

img_5014Elaine, Pretty in Pink!  I bought this adorable wool winter coat for $20.00! The inside of the hood is pink flowers.  She’ll probably wear it two winters! 

23.  Technologyimg_5059I will never be technological, but these three items I use each day and they connect me to family and friends far away!

24.  Something New

img_5054My new motorcycle helmet.  It has a Darth Vader look to it!

25.  Unusual

img_5070My front door leads to my home as well as my workplace.

26.  12 o’clock

img_5079Honestly, after days of missing the 12 o’clock hour, I finally turned the hands on this little clock and snapped the picture!

1 comment:

Becky said...

I did the same thing with the 12 o clock challenge :/ lol Love your pictures, Elaine looks so cute in her pink coat.


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