Wednesday, May 16, 2012


At church Sunday the Pastor shared that it has been calculated that a Mother spends 15,000 hours of child generated work a year…per child.  And that women without children have approximately three months of leisure time per year.  Wow, that’s kind of eye opening.  My Mom had six children.  My math has never been very good but I don’t think she had any time to sleep! 

The point that was being made is that nothing compares to a Mother’s love.  A mother sacrifices all day long!  I have had an interesting perspective on mothering recently, from opposite ends of the journey.

Andrea is just beginning the journey.  She has had a couple of tough weeks of mothering…sick kids!  I don’t think I was very encouraging to her when we chatted.  I wished I was closer so I could help out. Mostly I remembered what it was like and felt a little relieved that I wasn’t going through it again.  It’s hard going without sleep!

I love watching Andrea mother.  She is diligent and intentional.  The other morning we received a phone call from Elaine wanting to sing the “rainbow song” on the computer!  Did you ever sing that song as a child?  “Oh Who can make a rainbow?…no one but God ‘tis true.”  I asked her if they were having devotions, and they were.  That blessed my heart so much!

Mother's Day 2012_thumbAndrea, Nolan, Elaine…Betsy and Sally

On the other end of the spectrum is my Mom, approaching 80 years old.  Her children are raised as well as most of her grand children.  She is enjoying great grandchildren.  Aging has its own battles and it is hard.   Back in October my Mom had a fall down the steps at home.  She is still rehabilitating.  She came for dinner on Saturday evening to celebrate Mother’s Day and she bravely climbed up and down the steps to our apartment.




I love my Mom and am so blessed by all she sacrificed for her family as a Mother.  I know she and Dad prays for their family faithfully.  That too is a sacrifice, praying is difficult.  If they accomplish nothing else in a day, they have certainly accomplished much by their prayers. 

Sunday the Pastor closed by saying, “experiencing a Mother’s love may be the closest thing to Divine love because it is self-sacrificing.” 

Thank you Moms for choosing to love and sacrifice for your families!

Here’s some Mother’s Day cards I made for the Moms closest to me…


img_4726For Andrea

img_4730For my Mom-in-law

img_4727For my Sister, Robin

img_4766For my Mom (terrible picture)

img_4768And also a tea cup of chocolate for Mom.  The tag says, “you’re my cup of tea”

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Becky said...

This was a nice post. You know though... that 15000 hour thing is not making me want mother hood to come very quickly... :) jk! Your cards are very nice and I love the teacup


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