Thursday, June 30, 2011

We Bee Swarmed

We have a bee hive.  A couple of years ago we volunteered our yard to a beekeeper so he could have  a place for extra hives.  City ordinance only allowed two.  So he put one in our yard and we purchased a hive also.  He came and tended them all summer and we got some honey at the end.  Wally “kind of learned” about beekeeping and we intended to take a class over the winter.  But over the winter something happened and our bees left the hive.  Maybe the queen died, we don’t know.  This spring it seemed like a few more bees were about the yard so we looked and sure enough, some bees have moved into the hive. 

Last week I was sitting on the back step and I heard a lot of buzzing.  I looked up to see a whole lot of bees were connected to that buzzing!  I quickly went into the house and closed the door so they would not come in.  But they were not heading toward my backdoor.  I looked and watched the bees swarm right over the area where our hive is at.  Very quickly, the sky was clear so I ventured out and peeked through the gate, behind which is the hive.  The hive was completely covered in bees.  It finally dawned on me that this swarm was moving into our hive.  It was such an amazing thing to see.  Of course I called Wally to tell him what was going on and he said bees actually have a scent and the swarm must have smelled our bees.  This is part that of the hive and the bees after they had greatly settled down. 

Then I got this great thought!  If I had only understood what was going on I would not have been afraid…because I was a little nervous.  Which led my thought to this…when we understand things in life, it takes away our fear.  But after just a minute more of thinking I realized, that is not true.  That is what we would like to convince ourselves is true, but it is deceiving. If I understood everything I would not need faith.  And even when I think I understand, how often things turn out so differently.  And sometimes “knowing” makes me all the more afraid! So my thought finally settled on this.  When I am afraid the only thing that takes that away, is to trust, to place my faith in the Lord.  He alone has all understanding.  And these honey bees, His design, are just one small display of His knowledge. 

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