Sunday, June 12, 2011

Biking Around

Thursday the weather improved only slightly.  The rain was gone, but it was still cloudy and kind of cold.  But we went for our bike ride anyway.  It is eight miles around the island on a paved road.  But there are many trails through the State Park.  We probably rode about thirteen miles.

Here’s some action shots of us biking…not too bad, huh?

This is British Landing, the point where the British landed---makes since, right?  Still not sure why they cam this far west in the War of 1812.  I need to read up on that War.

I thought these trees were kind of interesting, they reminded me of a spooky forest.

This is The Woods, one of the restaurants of The Grand Hotel.  It was kind of hard to find and we were hoping to have lunch there.  But we were a little early in the season, they were only open for dinner.  It had a hunting lodge theme and was pretty neat. 

It also had a bowling alley…just one.  We had planned to have lunch and bowl a game.  But since they were not doing lunch and we were starved, we passed on the bowling too.

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