Thursday, June 23, 2011


The two weeks we were on the road, three of our friends lost a family member.  So when we returned home I wanted to get a card made for them.  I follow a blog called Cardztv.  I have learned a lot from Mary.  She has great ideas and very good directions!  She showed a video that I knew I wanted to try and thought a sympathy card would be perfect.  It is a  twisted easel card.

This is the card laying flat…

And when you open it, it twists and stands up like an easel.  Cute, huh?

This one was almost a copycat as the one in the video.  I happened to have some paper pretty close to what she used.  And I really like the black prints together.

My only thought with these cards is I wonder if people will know how to open and swivel it.  But if they figure it out, I think it is a nice display of an encouragement from God’s Word and a reminder they are being thought of.

Mary at Cardztv also showed this card.  She said “ I suppose you all know how to make an “S” card”…nope, not me.  “But if not…”  I am so glad she did not just assume and leave it at that.  I really liked this card too and it is so easy.

And last, let me show you my Father’s Day card I sent our son-in-law, Ben. I learned how to fold the shirt from, you guessed it,  Cardztv.

And Ben even said he like his card! 


Debbie said... I've been looking thru your blog at all the cards you've made (you're quite talented!) & I've been inspired to try making my own. I did purchase a Cricut but I haven't done anything with it yet. I did pick up a few things I thought I might need even though I have no clue what to do yet or what I really need. Could you let me know what you like to use with your Cricut & what papers, extras, etc that you would recommend?! Thanks for your help!

Sherry said...

Thanks Debbie, I'm emailing you!


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