Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Making it to Mackinac

Whew!  What a long drive!   We headed up here to Michigan on Sunday after church and a last lunch with family.  Driving through Tennessee, we took a quick peek at Crown College where Wesley is going to attend in the fall. 

Sunday night we spent the night just north of Lexington, KY.  Kind of funny incident;  as we were heading to our hotel room, a  door opened and a man stepped out with his dog.  Wally stopped to be friendly and pet the critter, asking, “is that a rescued greyhound?”  Maybe the wrong thing to say to a man in town for the saluki dog competition!  It was a kind of sad looking dog though, especially wearing a diaper!  Oh well!

Wally was thinking we had an easy drive Monday and would get in kind of early for a change.  Hope I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings but there’s not much about Michigan that we enjoyed…it was pretty boring!  And gas was $4.15 a gallon!  What a killer!  No such luck getting in early either, we arrived in Mackinac City about 8:30 pm.  We barely found a place to get some dinner.

Another interesting experience was checking into a hotel.  You might think we were a piece of raw meat in a lion’s den!  We went into the first hotel and asked for a room.  The woman pulled out a paper and jotted down a number, a big number!  Just like a car salesman would do!  Then she lowered it, just a bit, and circled the number on the paper like we had a deal.  We asked to see the room.  It was kind of an okay room but not worth the the three digits she had written down!  When we said we wanted to check out a couple of other hotels, she all of a sudden had us in for the night at 69.99.  We experienced that little scenario at three different hotels! 

Tuesday morning we drove over Mackinac bridge…a five mile suspension bridge…into St. Ignace on the upper peninsula.  We took the ferry from there over to Mackinac Island. 

Mackinac Bridge

Ferry crossing to MackinacHere we are on the ferry, ready to cross

The Bridge from the ferry

Our destination was the Grand Hotel…

Let the grand time begin!

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