Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday

We have had  much going on the past few weeks with getting ready for Kenny’s wedding, having the wedding, and all the travel, I have not always posted on Thankful Thursday.  And while Wally and I are still on the road, we feel so full of thanks for so many things.  So he is helping this week. 

  • The wedding was beautiful---enjoyable and glorifying to the Lord Jesus Christ.  An answer to the two things I prayed for specifically
  • A nice text message we received from Kenny yesterday---telling us they arrived safe in Panama City, FL and thanking us for all we did
  • All the kids are out of the nest (Wes, I know will be back) and it is such a blessing to see them getting settled in their lives
  • Getting to see Elaine again---she is at such a fun age!
  • Andrea travelling safely at this stage of her pregnancy, and seeing her in her pregnant glory!
  • Being with family at the wedding---all my siblings (except Nathan in Malaysia) were together.  Wally’s Aunt and Uncle brought his Mom.  So good to have them with us.
  • Safety in all of our travels.  Wally and I are driving about 4,000 miles by the time we return home.  Ben and Andrea traveled from NY and back.  Kenny and Becky are in FL this week.  Wesley made it safely to the Bill Rice Ranch after the wedding.  That's a lot of miles!
  • Beautiful scenery Wally and I are seeing across the country
  • Time to be alone on our own---we are celebrating thirty years of marriage, though our anniversary isn’t until August
  • The Lord’s goodness displayed in every aspect of our lives, regardless of the circumstances we are in

Have a great day…Wally and I are going to ride bikes around the island.  Hope the sun makes it through, it has been rainy!

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