Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Cottages

Mackinac Island became a place to get away after the Civil War.  In 1875, it became America’s second National Park.  (BTW, Yellowstone was first)  With many people coming to the island, The Grand Hotel was built.  And soon after, summer cottages were also built.  They started out small but with the luxurious Grand Hotel established and the Victorian Era, they were remodeled becoming mansions.  They were big enough to house large families and a housekeeping staff for the summer retreats.  I just loved looking at them, the porches, yards and gardens.  Wally enjoyed the roofs, shingles and gutters! 

These are the original cottages on the bluffs

The end of the street runs into the Grand Hotel and those are lilacs on both sides of the road.  I think I would want to just stay year round in homes like these!

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