Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cook Out and Linder Falls

On Monday Kenny had planned a little BBQ.  We went to his church and he cooked burgers and brats.  He had helped build the picnic shelter last summer.  Becky’s family came up and we met them for the first time.

Sandy and Woody Shahan and Becky

Then we drove to Linville Falls.  It seems it is a pretty popular swimming hole---especially on a holiday!

This is the top of the big waterfall.  Stephanie and I stayed here to watch.

The boys and Becky were brave enough to get in. 

Okay, Becky did need a little persuading…

The boys, being boys, decided they had to jump from the rocks, and then jump over the waterfall.  From the rock, Wally thinks it was 35 or 40 feet.  Above the fall, it is reported to be 65 feet.  Really, what is it about guys??? 

Here’s the boys climbing up the rope to jump off the rocks.

And here they have arrived and are scoping out the jump.

Should we or shouldn’t we???   Just how high do you think it is???

And so they jump.  Wally also.  He said to be sure and say, he was the only one who actually “dived”---not just jump.  As well, Wally knew better than to go up on top of the water fall.  You can be satisfied with one great dive!   With age, comes wisdom.  Kenny and Wesley, however…

Here’s Wes, peering over the edge.  Should we or shouldn’t we???   Just how high do you think it is???

Such form, such grace, such??? 

Followed by Kenny…a bit better maybe?

By the way, Stephanie took the pics, and even some video.  I was too nervous to look!  So ends Day One!

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Debbie said...

Boys...they're always looking for some new adventure, aren't they?! Did you watch the video??


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