Monday, March 28, 2011

The Double Nickel

Yesterday was my brother’s 55th Birthday.  Whoo-ee!  That is getting up there!   Happy Birthday Marty!  I have three brothers, Marty is the oldest of them.  I have always liked having brothers. I don’t’ know how old Marty is here, but it was the “youngest” picture I have of him. (Fifty-five years is a long time to go back, I wasn’t alive for all of that!)

marty  Kind of freckly and cute, huh?

Dad & sons 1974Scott, Marty, Nate and Dad

One thing I remember about Marty when we were growing up, he liked to laugh.  He still does.  When I was graduating from high school, Marty was already married and had a little girl.  About the time I was getting married, he was graduating from Faith Baptist Bible College and preparing to move to Florida to teach in a Christian school there.  He then had both of his children, Cassie and Nic.

martyCassi, Marty and Patti in 1978

I’m not sure when Marty first felt like the Lord wanted him to be in camp work, but he did talk of it being a “dream” of his for a long time.  He taught school, raised his family and was active serving in his church.  He worked different jobs in construction and the restaurant business.  Then one day, he stepped out in faith and followed the Lord’s leading to start a camp.  Marty has done a lot of different things in his life and it is “interesting” to see how the Lord has brought all those experiences full circle.  In 2003 Whisper Mountain Camp was established.  You should go to their website and check them out!

I have a quote hanging on our desk that Andrea actually hung there when she was still in college. It describes just this very thing.

“Every experience God gives us, every person He puts in our lives, is the perfect preparations for the future that only God can see.”

 Father's DayMarty and Patti on a Colorado visit for Father’s Day 2004

Kenny's graduationWe met up with Marty and Patti in NC when Kenny graduated from college, 2009


Marty’s family: Shaun and Cassi, Sarah and Nic,
Marty and Patti and the Grandkids, Tegan, Abria, Kinsley, Selah and McKenna

Happy Birthday Marty.  You don’t look a day over 55.  Well, ok, one day maybe!  I don’t’ get to see you too much, but I do love you and am proud of you! 


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