Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Proverbs 17:17
“A friend loveth at all times…”

And good friends also love for a long time, a very long time.  I have two friends that I have known since we were very little girls in Sunday School together.

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That is me, my friend Karen and Amora.  We were in the eighth grade here…awkward years as you can see.   And they will probably kill me for the reminder!  We knew each other from about the age of four or five.  But I did not have pictures of all of us back that far.  Our parents were good friends and have remained that way through the years.  They set a good example for us to follow. Amora was an only child and both of her parents have gone to be with the Lord already.  Karen has one older sister and her Dad has gone to with the Lord.  I was number five in a family of six kids.  Karen and I went to the same high school and Amora attended a Christian school.  But when it was time to get our Senior Pictures taken, we did it together.  We had changed a lot by then, I hope!  Rolling on the floor laughing




We were different in a lot of ways, but had a lot of fun together.  Karen and  Amora sang at my wedding.  We seemed to do better at getting together when our kids were little, but we have always stayed in touch.  Karen and her family have moved to Missouri.  Last week she was in town.  My Mom put a bug in my ear and so I called both of them up and we got together for dinner.  We laughed and threw around some good memories.  We got caught up on each other’s kids and husbands and changes.

A lot of people today don’t take time for friendships. Or they are short lived.  I feel blessed to have known these two women for most of my life.  I know that one phone call to either of them and they would do all they could to help me out.  That is a huge blessing! 

  Proverbs 18:24 says, “A man who has friends must show himself friendly, and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” 

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