Friday, April 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday…even though it is Friday!

I have had this verse rolling around in my mind ever since I read it earlier in the week.  I meant to make it my Thankful Thursday post yesterday, but you may have noticed I never got around to writing. 

Psalm 71:3a, “Be my strong refuge, to which I may resort continually

A refuge is a place of shelter or protection from danger and distress.  I also think of it as a safe place where you can just breathe easier and relax.  Isn’t that just what Jesus is?  I just picture myself stepping into his embrace and letting it all out, like I do with Wally sometimes.

This week I have just found myself resorting to Him in prayer on a moment’s notice…no reservations needed here. If I find my thoughts dragging me down (which they do most days), when one of my kids is struggling, (like one is this week), or when I hear of situations others are in, (and so many are in need), -----in an instant, my mind is refocused and my burden drops.  I just love that!

I think the whole chapter of Psalm 71 is full of gems about placing your trust in God.  The heading at the beginning of the chapter reads “A prayer for old age”. But those words aren’t inspired! This is a great chapter for all times!  If you feel like you are needing to get away from it all, you can…and it’s cheaper than a cruise! 

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